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Sunday, 26 February 2017


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Outlook is the reason there is so much damage to my computer. All the dents and chipped off pieces make for interesting explanations when other people look at my desk top. As for the keyboard, it is holding up okay though I blame its disfigured form for any typos.

The Hollywood and media elite are constantly reminding America why they lost and middle America won. They are losers of the worst kind and don't mind doubling down from their insulated and protected perches in front of adoring fans and groupies. To put an exclamation point on the whole pile of their sorry breed, the DNC finally picks a new chairman...and he is an Obama style Marxist. They are incapable of learning which explains why their ideology never dies away as it should like the rotting mess that is Venezuela today.


Microsoft used to make great operating systems, then good operating systems -- now they make WINDOWS 10.


The way Microsoft does thing is they design for what will bring in new customers - us old customers are probably to addicted to turn the thing off, and our usage is to embedded in their programs to be worth the effort to go to a different platform.

That's called good customer relations and support for pervious

It's understandable that Trump wouldn't feel convivial toward the people that will probably be bringing him down for playing footsie with Vlad Putin.

Move over, Venezuela, the new national bete noire of the Fox News crowd is Sweden; probably because that Marxist Bernie Sanders likes their health care system. Fox and Trump have dumped on them twice lately, even though they have no idea what they're talking about:

A trans-Atlantic wave of puzzlement is rippling across Sweden for the second time in a week, after a prominent Fox News program featured a "Swedish defense and national security advisor" who's unknown to the country's military and foreign-affairs officials.

Swedes, and some Americans, have been wondering about representations of the Nordic nation in the U.S. since President Donald Trump invoked "what's happening last night in Sweden" while alluding to past terror attacks in Europe during a rally Feb. 18. There hadn't been any major incident in Sweden the previous night. ...

Bob, when it comes to matters 'Yerdy-Durble', or Swedish, if you prefer, there is no better reporter than the distinguished and current editor of The Spectator, Fraser Nelson. He is a true-born Scot but married to a Swedish lady which means that he spends time there and gets to know the things that escape others. I urge you to read this:

Ah Richard North...I used to read him at EU Referendum years ago when the blog was more accessible. It did not pay to cross him. Come to think about it, offering a compliment could be problematic.

JM Keynes, the damage that man did without meaning to.

David, a quick check into Fraser Nelson shows that, despite his intimate relationship with a Swede, he is not non-partisan. Two organizations he belongs to:

The Centre for Social Justice: "The think-tank has been labelled one of the most influential on the British Conservative Party under the leadership of David Cameron."

"The Centre for Policy Studies (CPS) is a free-market British policy think tank ... the Centre has strong historical links to the Conservative Party."

No one that reads "real" news would deny the countries of Europe have problems with immigrants, but Nelson never refutes that Trump was wrong specifically, and in fact, he seems to quite like Sweden:

"Sweden is not a country that is falling apart. You can still land in Stockholm’s gorgeous Arlanda airport, skate on the frozen lakes in special lanes polished by the local authorities, cook sausages on the communal barbecues. The Scandinavian paradise is still there, welcoming and inspiring. The government has, after great upheaval, managed to cut the refugee influx by four fifths."

Nice try at defending The Donald. It's a nearly impossible task at best.

Must do better, Bob! You don't need to go scratching around to find out that Fraser Nelson is a free market conservative - I already told you that he's the editor of 'The Speccie' - 'nuff said! And whilst he obviously loves Sweden he is not oblivious to its errors, most of which as he emphasises, stem from the soppy social democrat government that ran things there for most of the time. Yes, Trump was wrong for being too specific - I suspect it was a confusion which does not surprise me with that man - but had he kept his opinion more general he would have been dead right.

Sorry, Bob, time for you to pull on your NBC suit and pop over to the NRO - yes, I know but man up!

As close to the truth, I suspect, as anyone can get in the myopic land of 'Yerdy-Durbles'!

No need to be sorry David, the reason this is the only opinion site I look at lately is that I want my assumptions challenged, and not everything you read is goofy wingnut stuff. Tino Sanandaji seems a balanced individual judging from the linked piece, though his disparaging "the media" is gratuitous.

Sanandaji's most salient points are:

"Finally, it is worth emphasizing that the focus on overall crime statistics avoids the actual question being discussed: the situation in immigrant-dominated areas with low socioeconomic status. Around 95 percent of the Swedish population lives outside these areas. Hence, it takes a lot for crime trends in the “ghettoes” of Sweden to dominate overall trends. Four fifths of the population in Sweden are not immigrants. The overall crime trend and the effect of immigration on crime are therefore two different topics." ...

"The last time there was an official report breaking down crime statistics by immigrant status and origin was in 2005, for the years 1997 to 2001. These statistics confirmed that immigrants were significantly overrepresented amongst offenders, in particular in committing violent crimes. The foreign born were four times more likely to be suspects in homicide cases than those with Swedish origin, and 4.5 times more likely to be suspects in rape cases."

So nothing there is surprising or even especially insightful. Crime is higher in ghettoes that contain immigrants. The same has always been true everywhere as far as I know.

Trump is at heart a salesman, and he's better at it than most conventional pols. He vaguely and inaccurately exaggerated the problem of immigration in a famously liberal country. It's only slightly more sophisticated than his blather that most Mexican immigrants are drug dealers or rapists and Muslims are all likely terrorists. The tide of foreigners is one of the scary things he can save us from, see? It's been popular political showmanship all over the Western world for decades, not that there's no truth in it at all. Don't forget Obama was called "the deporter in chief".

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