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Sunday, 05 February 2017


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Duffers you are thinking of Rugby Union [the thugs game for gentlemen] as opposed to Rugby League [the thugs game for thugs]. ....and I have the odd scar to prove it. Because I was not very good and not fast enough to outrun the buggers trying to catch me.

Union is the game played in heaven in between cricket matches.

Notice MDJ's article (My Darling Janet) hasn't featured in the Rumble ...

First splitter in the ranks of the new right order?! "Move along, nothing to see here", is it?!

Even when she splits from the alt-right alignment, she doesn't get it right. She says the world will view the West dimly for having served up Trump. Ordinary Muslims will wonder if the values of the West they agreed with were but a mirage, we are told.

Quite the opposite.

The world and ordinary Muslins will see that country-bumpkins, like themselves, are indeed perfectly capable of serving up a Trump, but, better men and women who went before them in the West put in place constitutions and rule of law to diminish the Trump when he or she appears - we, and they, have witnessed the constitutions of the West defeat and restrain Trumpish leadership in both the block on Trump's Muslim ban, and the parliamentary inspection to be applied to Brexit.

The world and ordinary Muslims will reflect with even more wonderment on these great constitutions and defenders of their ideals and values: The slayer of Trump and the tamer of Brexit.

Nothing else could have renewed the world and ordinary Muslim's faith in the West than witnessing the West restrain its own monsters.

Their fight against their own monsters can proceed knowing, not just believing, that they are right, and there is hope in the form of a demonstrable reality in their aspirations to live free of terror.


"Trump's Muslim ban". There is no Muslim ban. Spin the lie long enough until it becomes fact. The "alt-Left" are the ones claiming it exists. It is the foolish Western Left who seek admittance of incompatible peoples into their respective countries to strengthen the domestic leftists by diluting the numbers of the host country who want to maintain their heritage and social order. This is the right of every nation to maintain. But now, because it has been ignored for so long, people are waking up to the threat and methods employed by naive people who seek to commit national suicide. Islam is not compatible with liberal Western values. Some Muslims can do so as individuals...they are apostates to the religion and eventually will be called to Sharia when enough Islam takes root in the host country. The West and Islam have been at war for fourteen hundred years in one way or another. This modern version of the war is just another way. Aided and abetted by the foolish Western Left.

"Rules for Radicals"...make your enemy live up to his own book of rules. Throw the Constitution at them, throw their law at them, hell, if needed which it often is, throw their New Testament Bible at them. The Radicals advance by the chaos. The normal orderly society crumbles.

David, perhaps you and the 'Memsahib' will watch our grand finale of American football today. Admittedly the linemen aren't graceful, but most other players are. I trust you'll approve of the lightning fast runs by muscular, slim men with great dexterity and athleticism. They'll be wearing tights, just like many Shakespearean actors, though the codpiece is worn below.

Sorry, Bob, no way! I know most games are start/stop but in your game the 'stops' far outnumber and outlast the 'starts'! Mind you, I confess to a miniscule knowledge of the game.

I agree, David. The only way to watch football lately is start the DVR and begin watching about 45 minutes late to allow fast-forwarding through the time outs and commercials.


SoD, your take is encouraging. It's not clear Trump didn't know the order was illegal. He thrives on chaos. It's not obvious how that will work out for him or the country, but it's quite a show.

Trump appears to take many of his cues from Steve Bannon, who has a weirdly apocalyptic view of the world (there are a lot of interesting links here):

The rightist idea that blowing up the world will necessarily have it reassemble into something they like better is bizarrely naive. Whacking the hornet's nest in Iraq certainly had questionable results.

Here's another one: Listen to this smug, chinless, spacker: -

"General Sir Richard Barrons, a former commander of Joint Forces Command, has called on the Government to 're-bench' the armed forces."

"He said: 'You are dealing with a legacy of iterative hollowing out, which has reached a point where the frog has boiled.'"

And everything you need to know about where the frog-boiling, re-benching lingo comes from you get from this Wiki factoid:-

"Barrons co-authored a book, The Business General, published by Vermilion, with Deborah Tom in 2006"

Great business you've done general.

You knew the budgets. You spent the money. And now we have: -

- Most of our modern warships in dock, conked out by design faults.
- Those hulks of 1 billion quid's worth of stealth that manage to limp out for a brief foray into the ocean can be heard 100 miles away because they "rattle like a box of spanners".
- Fewer Main Battle Tanks than Switzerland.
- Main Battle Tanks with a gun that no-one makes the ammo for anymore.
- Spy drones ordered in 2005 that still aren't ready for action.
- Carriers (still not ready for action) with no planes, and at risk of never having planes if the Don cancels F-35.
- Two wars that were arguably lost or drawn, in which British Armed forces routinely needed unplanned help from allies.

And what is your answer to this?

Simply give us more money - in spite of the fact that Britain funds its military more fully than most of its western counterparts.

No attempt to apportion blame where blame is due: To poor decision making, poor leadership, poor professionalism, poor project management, much of it probably his own.

But very happy to pocket £175k per annum, retire in his fifties and be called "Sir".

Barrons, here's you in another role: -

A friend of mine's wife has liver cancer. After a heart-breaking run-around by the NHS, she finally got to her operation to try to hobble its progress. In theatre, the staff described the procedure and she realized it wasn't what the consultant had proscribed. "Well you're here, and that's what we're doing", came the answer. Exhausted and distressed, she said "Get on with it then".

When she and her husband went for the post-operation appointment with the consultant they asked why the procedure had been changed. "I don't know", came the consultant's answer. "Well, this is a problem," they replied, "We're not happy, we were terrified they were doing the wrong thing."

"No", replied the consultant, standing, puce with anger, waving his finger at them, "You are the problem! You are the problem because you won't pay, you won't pay to properly fund the service!".

Another piece of human filth on £175k per annum with letters after his name. From the same mould as you, Barrons.

Two final things I can tell you with certainty, Barrons: -

(1) If you'd ever worked in business in a truly competitive market, not a rigged-up corporate monopoly or cartel, you'd have got nowhere.

(2) I'm glad I never served anywhere near you. I'd have fragged you at the first opportunity.


" ... but those pesky legal niceties have to be squared away first ... "

Oh God, JK, I keep telling you, I'm sleeping perfectly well, thank you, without you sending me the US legal code in all its boring-snoring detail!

David, after viewing the photo of those young ladies, I sense you needed a nap? I did.

Well, yes, Whiters, that's the thing with all these, er, sporting activities, it's absolutely knackering!

Right. As long as you know what neighborhoods to avoid in Chicago it's still the "second city" only to New York. LA has more people, but it's nothing but a lot of jammed highways.

It's odd that the National Review has chosen now to assure everyone that everything's just fine. The Germans are even alarmed:

One would think the Germans, of all peoples, would recognize that with copper and wrought iron a straight-edged blade would be precisely the wrong choice.

"Artistic License" I suppose ...

Bob you were citing NOAA not long ago as a reliable source of information on climate.

Start with this and dig deeper into the actual sources. As soon as you start "cooking the books" your credibility is shot.


Since I'm not a climate scientist I can't personally vouch for NOAA, but it does include some of the expert climatologists studying global temperature change. The idea that they cooked the books for some nefarious purpose is silly. Scientists make mistakes, but apparently peer review held NOAA accountable. That's how science works. If you look at both the red and blue lines on the chart you'll notice both indicate a warming trend. What was at issue was measurement and statistical methods, not that warming is a hoax.

If you look at all recent pieces by Andrew Bolt you'll notice he has definite points of view. Some are hilarious:

"Teacher's anti-white rant: 'We need to start killing people'"

"The Left has become the fascists they denounce ..."

"How the Left hates"

"Jihadists make fools of Trump critics"

"Fascists against free speech now run riot at American universities."

Fair and balanced? You decide.

Bob, I don't think anyone doubts that global temps have risen recently not least because the bloody things go up and down since earth time began! There are two main problems with the likes of your NOAA and our Met Office. First, is their resolute insistence on concentrating on land measurements rather than satellite ones even when it is blindingly obvious that earth ones are subject to, er, 'interpretation'; secondly, their obvious (and highly stupid) insistence that the increase is man-made. For example, for years they have claimed that CO2 was a prime cause but CO2 production mainly from the Far East has increased enormously but temps have not followed suit!

David, you'll have to pardon me if I trust the scientific method more than opinion writers. As my sweet old Aunt Emma used to say, "Opinions are like assholes. Everybody has one and they all stink."

Well, Bob, using your scientific method can you please explain to me why certain scientists insist that CO2 is a 'warmer' and yet temps have not risen much despite several squillion tons more of the stuff being pumped out each year?

And, Bob, another of those creepy coincidence-thingies, over at The American Thinker I just read:

"John Bates, former principal scientist of the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration (NOAA) lab at the National Climatic Data Center, is accusing the agency of cooking the books to disprove the theory that there has been a "pause" in global warming and alleging that the motive for manipulating the data was to buttress the Obama administration's EPA carbon rules and build support for the Paris Climate Treaty."

Read more:
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"temps have not risen much despite several squillion tons more of the stuff being pumped out each year"

Ignoring the imaginary measurement that's just factually incorrect, and The American Thinker has no credibility in matters of science. It's a right wing fan 'zine.

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