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Monday, 20 February 2017


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I watched a preview of SS-GB. Unintelligible. Crossed off the list of want to watch.

Midsomer Murders started 20 years ago [1997] and there have been 116 episodes. At an average of three "unnatural deaths" per episode that's 348 citizens of the County dispatched to their maker by deeds most foul and at times ingenious.

Bloody dangerous County. Modelled on Zomerzet by any chance?

Though for a good Brit series it is hard to go past Morse and its spinoff Lewis. And if you are old enough to remember Z Cars.

Shalom AD,

We have watched all the Morse and Lewis (and young Morse) episodes. Trish has seen some episodes multiple times, the reason being that I insisted on having closed-captioning because I wouldn't have understood the dialog otherwise (for her, CC is a distraction). Trish has no problem understanding the language spoken in England (having lived in London while attending the LSE).

I have also read all the Morse books that are currently available for Kindle. For some reason, I have no problem understanding their written language.

I suppose we liked Morse and Lewis a lot :)

We are Midsomer fans here and always understand the dialects that seem to populate Britain. For some reason the Scots are the easiest to hear. Last weekend we stumbled across a tv show called "The Coroner" and like it a lot. It's new to us but may have been around a while. These characters are easy to understand too.

Shalom TBH

Endevour [The Young Morse] is a good series.

Don't have any trouble with Brit regional accents. Lot of Brit migrants came to Oz post WW2 and I served with a few who joined or transferred to our Services from the late '50's into the early 60's.

Whitewall we are currently getting series 19 of Midsomer. Can't be many left in the County to bump off.

Not too keen on Silent Witness and shows that show mangled bodies and are dark in presentation. Saw enough violent death to last me a life time and I can do without the gruesome details on the telly. My SWMBO is keen on a series called Vera. Set oop North as Duffers would put it.


AussieD, pretty soon the writers/directors of MsM will begin bumping off old estates if there are no more people?

Better nurses, doctors, factory workers, farm labourers - was adding enunciation to the list not simply another historical realism? ...

"Several viewers pointed out that they could understand the German actors speaking English better than the Anglo-mumblers!"


Midsomer Norton is on the way to Bath and Bristol from here. I always take a detour, worse than Chicago, some people say!

Glad to hear I was not the only person going, "Meh" at the series. I did think you would have problems understanding, David - the beginning seemed extremely loud and then got really quiet. I was left unmoved by the main actor's situation in which he seemed hugely subservient to the Germans whilst also arguing that he was 'waiting until they left'. Quite how this was to be accomplished, I have no idea. I was strongly reminded of the "Misfits" episode in which they seemed to convey the 'wrongness' of the Germans being in charge in an hour long episode, which included all the problems of putting history back the way it should be, exploring people's characters and with an interesting twist in how history was altered in the first place (the person went back in time to kill Hitler - and failed).

Only 116 episodes? My goodness. Is that including the Neil Dudgeon lot?

116? Must be right Mayfly. I went searching the net and that is what I came up with.

Wikki states 114, but I think they gave up counting in January. They list all the episodes, but I can't face adding them up. Let's just go with "A great many".

You must admit, though, that the police stats would be impressive. 348 people murdered but 100% success rate in catching "Him/her 'ooo dunnit!"

Did you ask any of the younger people in your house whether they were able to hear it OK?

Just wondering.

I watched SSGB on Iplayer with headphones and had no problem at all hearing and understanding the dialogue. I'm hoooked and looking forward to episode 2!!

I do not live too far from Washington DC (I know, I know - for my sins) and get a wonderful tele station called WETA-UK. It is filled with Brits murdering Brits, from Somerset to Shetland. Jimmy Perez is my dream man. They have now added Aussies to the mix so between Dr. Black and Miss Fisher I get to see Aussies murdering Aussies.
There are occasional comedies and other sooky nonsense but it is the murders that fascinate me!

that would be Dr. Blake. Another dream man

Must be something about the Anglo-Saxon race?

Missred - watch out for Rake.
That's a terrific Aussie show.

Missred, may I be so bold as to recommend "Cracker" if it is on there? I think it got a bit up its own backside in later episodes, but I was gripped by it when it started. Also, "Waking the dead", although that may be to do with the rather delectable Trevor Eve rather than the story lines.

I am waiting for a chance to watch "Homicide" which is an Australian series of (presumably) Australians murdering Australians - is this what you ware watching?

Mayfly "Homicide" was an early Aussie series set here in Melbourne. Black and white. Australians bumping off other Australians.

Shurely the problem revolves around the voice training (or lack of) exhibited by the current crop of TV thesps ?

It's a real shame that most of the publicity generated about the production seems to revolve around sound clarity issues, rather than the cracking book, inspired adaptation & debut performance of (ahem) one whose finest scenes (as careworn & dispirited office worker no 6) seem likely to appear only in the deleted scenes DVD.

David, daaarling, I didn't know you were a luvvie! I read that article in The Telegraph and it was spot on. Too many actors these days lack theatrical experience and the ability to simply enunciate clearly.

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