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Monday, 06 February 2017


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Yes that's pretty much on target. The America of the Right-1796- is under pressure from the corrosive Left. This has been a problem from at least the French Revolution and maybe before. The assault on Anglo Saxon and other complementary European nation's customs and values within the US is a major fault line. Since the mid 1960s, the emphasis has been to allow immigration from other third world countries instead of the more desirable root stock of Western Europe and less on non Europeans. Anglo Saxon America wants the orderly lawful growth and health we flourish under. The Left wants the chaos and power that too many multi culti-s bring. Multiculturalism is simply a long word for national suicide from my perspective. From the other side it is the opposite. They will learn one day.

It is exactly so.


Genuine question from a Brit which I hope an American can answer for me. Often we are told, as per the article, that the constitution hammered out in 1787 by Washington et al was a work of genius. (My memories of studying it at Uni many decades ago are that this is a correct assessment.) But what was the flaw in it that allowed the current mess to develop? What were the unforeseen circumstances that the old constitution could not head off?

Whatever the answer, as I have said here before, Americans deserve better and I wish them all the best.

I suspect, 'W', that the men of 1787 had not allowed for the likes of Saul Alinsky!

It ain't so. The US has faced political crises before and survived. Our institutions seem to be holding up pretty well. The Constitution resulted not only from genius but extensive research and debate. It hasn't delivered perfect results, but what that attempts to improve the human condition has?

My take on that:


The answer to your question is divulged below. In fact, Jefferson almost got the missing piece inserted (he must have had an inkling an 0bama would come along):

Shalom TBH.

Very funny.

Duffers my copy of Airborne arrived in today's mail. Looks promising.

Duffers I see on tonight's news that toxic dwarf, the Speaker of the House of Commons, railing against "the Donald" and saying he shouldn't be allowed to address "the Commons" because he is not a nice person. Something about pots calling kettles black springs to mind.

What a fuckwit. Virtue signalling from a prat without virtue is almost the ultimate in irony.

Excellent, TBH. Many thanks.

That link from Diplomad above is timely. I suspect it can be widely applied in the Western world.

AussieD, having just finished 'Airborne', I should warn you that it is a trilogy and part one finished somewhat abruptly and we must wait until 2018 for Part 2!

Diplomad, an excellent essay, thanks.

TBH, an equally excellent example of one picture worth a thousand words!

Finally, Bob, I hope you're right but one of the problems the political class has is its inability to judge the People - dread word!

Are our institutions really "holding up pretty well"? The universities? The health-care system? Congress? The press?

Bob, our institutions are NOT holding together, least of all our universities, which have been so overtaken by feminists and sjw's that they are merely incredibly efficient propaganda organs churning out idiots who can't think.

Here's a video that explains very well why we are at this sad point.

First of all, Gaffer, remember we're fucked too, for exactly the same reasons you attribute to America.

Second, I have to laugh when one says "What's missing from the constitution that we're in such a mess?", and another "Our institutions are in a mess".

The whole point of the constitution was that you weren't supposed to have institutions. Your ancestors sailed over the pond to escape from institutions, institutions, institutions.

Even Abe complained "Too many snouts, not enough tits" as his queue of bottom feeders and barrel scrapings wanting gov jobs grew and grew. He was busy filling the swamp / institutions and the ink was barely dry on the constitution parchment.

The constant drain, refill, drain, refill of the swamp / institutions by Left and Right authoritarian politics is like watching a psychopath with multiple personality disorder. Albert Einstein even described it thus: "Insanity is doing the same thing over and over again and expecting different results".

Is there no amount of pen to bring Lady Liberty to the fore again? If it's the sword, then the current swamp dwellers have stolen a march ...


Washington, DC is the home of the self licking ice cream cone. With any luck it can become home of the self draining swamp.

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