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Monday, 13 February 2017


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Hmmmmm. We just agreed feminism was "good" when it came to "The Pill". The difference here is a false equivalency flogged by The American Right Wing Authoritarian Fanzine. On one hand some Western government functionaries hypocritically wore traditional garments meant to subdue women. On the other are the complaints PM Isabella Lövin made in her Guardian op ed:

"President Donald Trump’s decision to ban American aid to all organisations that in any way advocate women’s right to abortions is very unfortunate. All experience shows that this kind of decision does not reduce the number of abortions; rather, it forces girls and women to revert to life-threatening procedures. Aside from the curtailment of human rights this represents, the policies of anti-abortion movements are catastrophic for those women who are at risk.

For several decades, the Mexico City policy – also known as the global gag rule – has been implemented by Republican presidents and abolished by Democratic presidents. So we were not surprised that President Donald Trump reintroduced it. This time, though, it is more comprehensive and applies to all health aid. The US is one of the world’s largest donors of health aid in absolute terms, so there is a risk of this having far-reaching consequences."

Which of the two things are not alike?

Sorry, Bob, you are usually a model of clarity but now you have mystified me! I don't remember agreeing that feminism was good when it came to the pill. I'm not sure that one is connected to the other. As for killing babies, by and large, I am against it

Feminism and the pill had little to do with each other. The pill was women's liberation from worry and sometimes dependency. Feminism morphed from equity feminism into gender feminism and then to radical anti male feminism. These Lefty women are nothing more than a picture of the mental illness Leftism is. Lefties are easily groomed as a method of "radical virtue signaling", minus the virtue. Sweden is allowing these sorts of lefties-female and "male" to erase the culture and traditions of Sweden. Any opposition is quickly called Right Wing or Fascist. So it has become bi-polar...die away as Sweden through dress and gang a fascist right winger. If there are any men left in Sweden, they had better wake up and reassert themselves. That goes for much of Europe as well.

David, from "OK, it's true - my bottle-washing is crap and my cooking is unspeakable!"

"David, memories of condoms can't compare to those of the advent of "The Pill". There hasn't been anything as wonderful in the past 50 years as women set free to be blithely obliging. Oh to be young again ...

Posted by: Bob

Bob, that is the truest true thing you have ever said on this blog! ...

Posted by: David Duff"

The pill wasn't the whole of feminism, but it was part and parcel back in the '60's, at least in America. We're both against infanticide, but we might disagree on what qualifies as a "baby". There's lots of presumptuous wordplay around that.

The only "presumptuous wordplay" is from those who duck and dive around a simple question: when, exactly and precisely, does a foetus cease to be a bunch of replicating cells and become a baby?

In my opinion, the moment the process starts!

David, what process? If you mean the moment the egg is fertilized that is your right, but there are a number of disagreements both in medicine and law. It's a definition that comes from only some religious traditions and not medical science or legal tradition.

Piffle, Bob! From the moment inception occurs it starts the life process which will, eventually and naturally, end in death. Any deliberate intervention to that process is unnatural. It might, or might not, be justified but it definitely interrupts a process.

David, do you know how The Pill works?

And by the way, spontaneous rejection of fertilized eggs and spontaneous abortion (miscarriage) happen often and are quite natural. Nothing about the subject is simple.

David, et al.,

Wow! You must see this video that Kevin Kim referenced on his blog:

Is Islam a Religion of Peace?

It is impossible for me to comprehend that this beautiful woman can not possibly have brass balls!

The "lady" in purple on the right of the top photo appears to have been up and close to a dreaded male. Or she has a bad case of wind.

I wonder what "the sisters" made of that.

Shalom AD. I noticed that purple lady's condition, too. What really struck me about that picture was that none of these ladies were smiling. Can you imagine what it would feel like for a man to attend a meeting with this bunch?

Don't forget to watch that video. It is really a heroic performance for a person of either (major) gender. Don't know much about all the other genders, however, that may be floating around these days ...

Maybe it's me but their pad their rules. This is why in our country we make the rules and they should stick to them like no FGM no full face covering in courts or shops which would like to ban it.Public owned places should have the country laws to abide by, private premises should be allowed to make their own criteria for dress rules.

Shalom TBH.

Not a smile amongst them and Sweden is on a steep downhill run. Probably the reason so many of our co-religionists are bailing out.

Watched the video. A gutsy lady is Ayan.

Henry, quite a video! Multi culti sensitivity is an excuse for suicide.

Why do women have to smile? Just asking for a friend.

"Why do women have to smile? Just asking for a friend." Maybe because in western culture, if they don't smile at least a bit, according to a female friend of mine..."ain't nothing going to go right or be right in any man's life." That's as close as I can get to an answer.

Have a care, Whiters, Sister Wolf has a collection of men's testicles hanging over the entrance to her cave!

David, I've heard that and am cautious. As an example, in a bit I will go to my senior "yoga for seniors" class. I'm the only man in the class:)

Well, that should put a smile on the faces of the ladies!

Nobody (especially not me) said, "women have to smile". Nobody has to smile, especially not grumpy people who troll the internet looking for a place to dump their sarcasm.

It is noteworthy, however, that in a posed picture of a group of eight (8) people, not a single one of them is smiling.

Why do some women have to exaggerate when they join a conversation in an open forum? Just asking for an enemy.

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