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Saturday, 25 March 2017


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It occurs to me that the above umbrella is quite striking. I know it has a "dead logo" on it but still, I wouldn't mind having one....

Don't be too hasty. Ukip started as a classical liberal party and at that start took a few votes from that section of the Conservative party. The last few years it has discovered discontent in the socially conservative part of the Labour party. It has thereby increased it's support to around 12% of the electorate, which has remained remarkably steady during the last year of leadership infighting. Their plan is to eat further into the old Labour vote, and given that the current Labour party is headed by failed academics, dreamers and socialists they have every chance of success, should the leadership issue in fact be settled.
Mr Carswell is a classical liberal through and through, and though he'd have fit right in with original Ukip, he's a poor match for it's current aspirations.
With a little bit of luck Labour will be squeezed out by the Conservatives and Ukip at the next election and hence be seen as a spent force. If so I expect the classical liberal section of the Conservative party to split from said party.

Having joined UKIP very early on and left in 2000, I think the obituary is premature.
It has recovered from greater problems before.
So far, it has not established a stable, coherent moral/ideological underpinning to give it stability apart from a single issue and a personality cult.

A surprising amount of sound policy work was done in the Sked era and subsequently trashed and lost - something which has happened since several times ( if my sources are correct). A great pity, as many good people gave it their all at different stages and got chucked out for their pains.

I would not call UKIP a single issue party - because the "issue" was who governs? What the MSM rarely mention is that UKIP had a proper manifesto for the last election and also for local authority elections. I am a huge admirer of Nigel but personality clashes do seem to follow him around! The reaction against Douglas Carswell from within the party has been quite vitriolic and hysterical. But no, I don't think we've seen the last of UKIP.

They dun ra business David and we are oot. Thanks UKIP now back tae the boring normality.

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