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Thursday, 23 March 2017


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It's not clear what "on the right" means. But if it means Poppy is on the viewer's right, I'd say it's a hell of a painting for a blind artist!

Hmm, before I read beyond, I assumed that woman at the top was a recent painting of the Memsahib?

Henry, I would take it that 'on the right' is as the viewer sees it but why does that make him "a blind artist"? I thought it was rather interesting that by posing them that way before an open French window the faces are contrastingly lit, one with sunlight and the other in shade.

No, no, Whiters, the 'Memsahib' would never look so sad and thoughtful. Living with me is such a cheery life - even when I am suffering with Man-flu!

Now David, you have stumbled from fine art to pure fiction! Take a nap!

"Phyllis was his wife and Poppy was his favourite model - I make no comment!"

I'm sure Cursiter's comment went something like this: "Some faces are so inexpressibly beautiful that an artist is bound to fail. Artists are better off trying to render the picturesque quirkiness of someone like, say, Poppy..."


I just think the lady sitting is prettier than the one standing. Hence, it seems odd to me that the one standing was the artist's favorite model rather than his own wife.

Uhm ... David?

First let me begin by informing all your other commentors (perhaps especially the more recent) that, ol' JK's mind works in mysterious ways.

Now with that outta the way ... David, do you recall this post?

Emphasizing DM's first comment concerning the "But I'd like to know what it was about, other than the usual "Who Whom?"" At which point I, in my always fantastical 'willingness to be helpful' tried to do just that. However inadequately to my (almost) eternal regret.

Allow me to rectify?

Aren't you glad now David that, you still have me?

JK, you do know David is laid up with a severe case of "man flu"?

Yes David. I realize you prefer books so ...

Yeppers Whitewall, matter of fact that's precisely my motivation for providing David something other than Rebel Yell!

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