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Wednesday, 29 March 2017


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I bow to your undoubted wisdom, but fear I must disagree when it comes to your conclusions in regard to Mrs May. I fear she will be easily turned over by the undoubted bias against the Brexit project, widespread throughout both the civil service & political classes.

But I will be delighted to be proved wrong !

David, you would have to bow exceedingly low to reach the level of my miniscule wisdom! You will have noticed my caveat "or appears to be" because, like you, I still 'hae ma doots' concerning the lady. However, her three 'Brexiteer' ministers may keep her on the straight and narrow! A man may hope, may he not?

May Brexit be the first of many.

Government is like cockroaches:It's not what they steal. It's what they fall into and mess up. Government doing more is more opportunity for messing up. Government doing less is, 'more'. The whole idea of the welfare state arises from the belief that some people are getting an unfair amount of this world's goods, but every attempt to redistribute brings chaos and more poverty.

Relevance to Brexit, you ask? Well, a customs union, a free trade zone, is just an agreement among governments to STOP DOING THAT! 'That" in this case being mucking about and rearranging economies. Free trade hath its consequences, but they are bearable, more bearable than what happens when governments scramble the markets, which do not dictate, but take dictation, from everyone who buys, and from everyone who sells. It was intolerable to people in extra-London Britain that some officious bureaucrat in Brussels could decree that a grocer in Nottingham can't sell cheese by the pound. It would royally piss me off, too. Nobody knows enough to tell everyone else what to do. This is the reason, simple enough, I think, that I don't advocate for one side or another in other people's elections. (But, oh, boy, do I cheer when you win!)

So, it is no coincidence that your national bureaucracy sides with the remainers. Their sympathies lie with bureaucrats everywhere, and they go to bed at night and rise up in the morning whining,"Just give us a bit more control and we'll sort it all out." A Parliament or a Congress with a majority in favor of freedom is rare enough, and we all wish the best for the cousins, and for ourselves. Brexit and the repeal of Obamacare are test cases. Can the noninterference faction hold together long enough to move the marker back a degree or two on the board? We shall see.

"We shall see." Quite so, Michael, but as a medical man you will know that it is not wise to hold your breath as you wait!

According to the news services here in Oz the divorce papers have been served on the Euroweenies.

Go Britain.

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