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Tuesday, 14 March 2017


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I hope that too, David, but I fear as well.

Anti-English bigotry runs deep, and overpowers everything.

We may yet end up with the SSSR - Sturgeon's Scottish Socialist Republic.

Sounds like Illinois without Chicago.

Well, I am hoping they vote for independence. And I also hope that we have someone in charge of England to wave goodbye, build a nice wall and cut the money off. Oh yes, and reposition the SLBMs in Plymouth.

This time, no more Mister Nice Guy. They can't go until after the Brexit process is complete, because that makes it too difficult for our negotiations. They can't have the pound. They can see how they like the Euro. They'll probably find they like it about as much as the Greeks, especially as they will need massive loans from Mutti in order to even get going as a nation. And good point, BoE, I bet the businesses in Devon are growing more optimistic by the day.

The only downside is that, like Trump, we will need a big wall. Because there will be mass emigration when it all turns to rat-shit.

Even without the subsidies from the rest of the UK Scotland is wealthier than the average EU nation-state think Bulgaria, Romania, Greece. The EU is about to become even shorter of funds, so Scots admission would require that they pay in.
They can in fact keep the pound if they so wish (they could use any currency they wished) but if so then their monetary policy will be set in London, and their banks limited to internal trade as there will be no lender of last resort.

Technically speaking Andrew Duffin, given that Sturgeon is the leader of the Scottish NATIONALIST Party, and is also clearly a socialist, one can therefore only conclude that she is in fact a Nazi.

This latest ploy by whingy Mcwhingeface is nothing more than a Brexit spoiler of the most malicious kind. If the IQ of lefties such as her's measures much above zero but maximum on the nasty and devious scale then obviously the test is flawed beyond use. I am Welsh but am just as happy to see the backs of the Scots as much as the English are.

Does Dave Cameron deserve any blame for the current state of Great Britain?

Yes he does, Bob, but only his fair share. He also deserves great praise for completely losing his bottle when UKIP became such a threat that he lost his nerve and allowed a referendum. He also deserves praise for touring round Europe with a begging bowl which all the Eurocrats duly pissed in thus convincing a majority of Brits to vote for Brexit.

Oh, and the "current state of Britain is just fine, thank you for asking!

So Cameron should be damned with faint praise. And did I write Britain? Make that United Kingdom.

You already have a wall. Needs a bit of renovation though

We should get a load of Poles to rebuild it.

We should get a load of Poles to rebuild it.

I suggest treated hardwood. It last longer and you can sharpen the tops into wicked spikes.

Mrs McWhinge was described in today's Telegraph as "the love-child of the Bay City Rollers with a Shetland Pony".

Wonderful don't you think?

I was not aware that a Shetland Pony had that kind of energy?

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