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Tuesday, 21 March 2017


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It looks like PM May is having to hold on to that old buzzard to keep him from falling over.

This was a pre-breakfast meeting and he hadn't inhaled any brandy.

Inflict damage, eh? That's nothing compared to the damage when the whole thing implodes. Better to be poor than poor, slaves, and colonised by half of Africa.

Are these threats the rants of zealous EU fundamentalists or a sign that they are running sacred. I suspect both as Brexit for them must be the writing on the wall for their fantasy vision of Franco German hegemony over the rest of Europe. The Franco part was over some time ago and without UK money so will Germany's be soon as they will be left to pay all of the bills.

It's jolly good of her to help him stay upright for the photos. That's British decency for you.

"Running sacred" must be a precursor to falling-down drunk.

grab him by the nuts

Squirrels are cute little buggers. My wife spend hours hand feeding the little stooges in a park next to my berth when I took her on a posting to the US.

The lady[?] looks like the end result of a lower deck pissup.

spend [?] f.m.d "spent".

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