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Thursday, 23 March 2017


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David, feel better and tell the Memsahib to mind the stairs.

Thank you, Whiters, and I shall pass on your helpful advice!

Did you take Cold Eze at the first scratchy sign in your throat? I believe you had been so advised. If not, you have my deepest sympathy. If so, you have no one to blame but yourself. It works, and the only downside is the reduction in whine material. The generic is zinc gluconate, and, as always, it may be sold under a different name, over there.Get well soon, and all the best.

Sorry, 'Nursie', but there was no warning and no throat problem - I just woke up this morning with snot dribbling down my chin and non-stop sneezing. I am considering cyanide!

"snot dribbling down my chin"

Please consider the sensibilities of your audience!

Sorry, BOE, but this blog prides itself on its detailed accuracy which is why you trust so implicitly!

Perhaps you should have a new policy - avoid too much information.

Well, as least there are no photos.

Get well soon, David!

I recommend steady consumption of ardent spirits. (But that's my answer for everything...)

What Malcolm said.

And this is for WW:

Thank you, Malcolm, but you are 'preaching to the converted'!

Henry, that's a corker!


you have it backwards. It should be
you can never do enough for a good wife

Get well soon

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