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Saturday, 04 March 2017


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David, they might drift "over here" you no. An uncountable number of family reunions would take place. Many of the Presbyterians would end up down here around me.

"you no"?

There are two things thisw Government can do.
1. Give the north of that bog infested country to the Eire Government and let them fester in their SinnFein inspired fascism ( the resultant civil war will then be nothing to with us).
2. Change the law so that Southern Ireland citizens no longer have the right to be local or national politicians in the (now reformed) United Kingdom.
There is an additional suggestion that the Royal Navy station several gun boats in the Irish Sea to prevent economic immigrants making their way to Liverpool to collect their benefits, but we all know the Royal Navy only has 4 seaworthy boats, and they're on loan to Bournemouth Boating Lake for the foreseeable future.'s my much beat up Russian influenced keyboard!

Martin McGuinness is apparently preparing to meet his maker. If there is any justice it will soon be pointed out to him that his career choice was a poor one.


Do not discount the possibility that it's George W. Bush's fault!

Whyaxe I doubt McGuiness will be ascending after his demise but rather descending to a well earned eternity in Hell. His mate Adams should join him.

AussieD, my theological understanding is very weak, but my fantasy is that they go upstairs very briefly in order to be given the reasons why they are not staying there.

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