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Wednesday, 15 March 2017


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Even I watching PMQs thought to myself about Steptoe, well what's the question? There were only two actual questions out of six supposed questions. As May said, I don't think the Honourable Gentleman has quite got the hang of this...

Well Duffers that's a good point well made.

Hopefully it was because all the ones with a brain were otherwise deployed reading up on the detail of how we are going to extricate ourselves from the EU without setting off an economic disaster - clueit's possible, and not particularly difficult but it does require a little bit of wit and intelligence, and almost certainly an interim period in EFTA/EEA. So far Mrs May has excluded this but I am pretty sure it will emerge as necessary na dthat too will be a welcome back pedal and one she will be able to make without losing too many points.


I don't mean to hijack this thread, but I want to let AussieD know that I just received notification about another Y-DNA match that has been found for me by the "DNA Ancestry Project":

Hi Henry,
1 new Y-DNA (paternal line) match has been found for you:
Name: Michael Dermot Parker
Match Type: Y-DNA (paternal line)
Match Quality: Within 63 generations
I'm guessing Michael Dermot Parker is an Irish man. Diarmaid is a masculine given name in the Irish language. Anglicised forms of the name include Dermot and Dermod.

Shalom TBH

Thank you for that. I guess you will be raising a pot of Guiness tomorrow.

Nearly all my matches are in the Viking sphere of influence. Those that aren't are in the US, Oz and Canada

I am waiting on the results of the mytochondrial testing.

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