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Saturday, 04 March 2017


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Sometimes you need to show 'em the chain saw first. Then offer the scalpel later. Message sent. The EPA has become a den of abusive Leftist mischief like too many other Federal agencies. If the chain saw is needed, well, they were warned. Much swamp to drain.

The EPA is the outfit who declared western land that got occasional puddles after an infrequent rain were "wetlands." They are probably the folks who declared a bait fish "endangered" in order to cut off water to California farmers, pushing up food prices for all of us. In the name of environmentalism, we now have "low-flow loos," that have to be flushed ten or more times to pass out solid product, saving water, don't you know.

Trump is using the meat-ax approach, setting the media to running with their buckets of outrage, only to arrive and find he's already burned up the straw men, and the snail darter is not extinct, and vegetable prices have come down, and farmers have prospered. (And the coal-carriers are made to look foolish.) It's working pretty well, so far.

I agree with Michael, this is a job for a yuge chainsaw. If the Prez only has a scalpel, it will never get done.

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