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Saturday, 11 March 2017


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Thought it might mean Sly, Poisonous and Duplicitous but then it may be as you say Duffers.

Obviously, AussieD, you were an encryptologist!

Good point, DD. One also wonders what his civil servants were doing. Most modern political biographies involve a politician complaining that his departmental civil servants are constantly frustrating him by pointing out things like practicalities, manifesto promises, and likely outcomes.

You are going to buy SoD some lunch? For all the good help he gave you, please make it a bit more than soup and toast! Happy birthday SoD!

As someone who is (semi)self-employed, I am firmly on Lawrence's side over this. This was what you might call an unforced error by the Bean-Counter General (aka Philip Hammond.) P.S. If memory serves, he was every bit as disastrous as Minister of Defence!

Personally, I think May and Hammond were caught by the Treasury civil servants desire to do something. Anything. How much better to have said, as we are having another budget in November, lets give this one a miss. Even now, they could say we'll put it all on hold and have a re-think before the November budget.

How about this SPAD:

Is Farage a flunky for Trump, Assange, Putin or some combination?

Purim sameach TBH

Neither, Bob, I suspect that 'our Nige' is always and forever a SPAD to 'our Nige'! Not, mind you, that he doesn't deserve the thanks of a grateful nation for providing us with a chance break out of the Mafia family running Europe!

Purim sameach, AD.

Despite the Norse and Celtic origins of our Y-chromosome DNA,
I take it we are the token Juice at D&N :)

Got milk, schmatte Kopf?
... and fuck the horse
you rode in on.

Never thought of myself as a "token" but some one has to lift the tone TBH so it may as well be you and I. Education is often not the lot of the sons of the prophet as evidenced by your attached photo.

Well, we need a bit of class round here, Jewish or otherwise!

Class you say? Where is JK when I need him?

I have it on very good authority that JK is on a deep meditation week with his 'good ol' buddy', Barney Magroo. Need I say more?


"...'our Nige' is always and forever a SPAD to 'our Nige'!"

In other words, "Noting to see here. Move along."

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