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Thursday, 23 March 2017


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Family man.

Ortega, delighted to see you back here. Now don't go wandering off again, there's a good chap!

Thank you.
Be sure I keep coming as often as I always have (and not only for the funnies).
I was just trying to keep away from the comments section but since you seem no to mind I'll occasionally embarrass myself.

According to yesterday's DT, Tony Blair and Bill Clinton will be amongst the mourners* at the funeral.

By their friends and supporters shall you know them, indeed.

* Though I don't know what there is to mourn, do you?

Also in yesterday's DT, was perhaps the best and most succinct letter I have ever seen on this (or any other) subject. Here is it in its entirety:


The obituary tells us that Martin McGuinness left a widow. Actually, he left hundreds of widows.

Yours etc"

Well said that man!

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