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Thursday, 09 March 2017


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OFA---Red politics are an ever present tumor in Western democracies. Obama's little soviet is over the line. The left not only needs to be defeated, it has to be put down hard and publicly. They are not the noble "loyal opposition". Not by a long shot.

No. Rather more like the DISloyal opposition. I was a wee tyke when my mother's cousin got hold of a copy of *Operation Abolition* and showed it after hours in her store. I remain horrified sixty one years later. I learned, decades after, that the film documents the Communist takeover of the Berkeley city hall, driven out with fire hoses. (Apparently, this was only a temporary removal.) A good friend of mine was, for a few years, Director of Planning in that benighted city. She used to be pretty Liberal. Dealing with that crowd caused some deep changes in her thinking. City planning is a profession, with a clear code of ethics. She resigned from a position in Maryland, IIRC. a few decades previously, rather than sign off on an unethical move by her department. The local Commies in Berkeley would come to Council meetings and claim that she had not returned their 'phone calls, which, of course, she had done quite religiously. The hair she tore out, ten years ago, is beginning to grow back.

BO was not, AFAIK, a card-carrying Party member. (Paris is worth a Mass?) However, he larded all the upper levels of bureaucracy with people of similar stripe, who so plague us at local levels. They lie. Sometimes it seems that they lie when the truth might have served them better. What brought Trump into office was the spreading awareness that these wicked people, so unpleasant in their dealings in states and municipal governments, and on school boards, were in POWER at the federal level. If we can keep this awareness in people's minds, we can keep the Social Democrats out of Federal office for the rest of my life, at least. Of course, actuarily speaking, that is not likely to be more than another twenty years. However, we are training up the grand kids in the right way. We shall see.

As much as I prefer to ignore US politics, it's clear that the Clintons are like shit on your shoe; much like the other "Democrat" mafiosi of yore.

"Clinton is on the menu, folks"

I don't doubt it, and I am sure the luvvies, the legacy media, and goodthinkers everywhere will be 100% in her favour.

But although those people haven't noticed yet - they are now in a minority.

Unless they abolish universal suffrage (which btw I wouldn't put past them), they are finished.

Well as far as I can see, opposition to the standing president is entirely legal and rightly so. By taking it to these extremes BO (how exquisitely appropriate) is setting a dangerous precedent but one that will come back to haunt the left as the right will turn out to do it in future much more effectively.

It is a concern at present that with cultural marxism so prevalent and therefore the commanding heights of the legacy media, social media and what passes nowadays for academe infested with these parasites, reason has something of an uphill struggle, but the history of the anglo nations is that whilst we have had tricky momemts in the past, more than anywhere else reason has in the long run prevailed.

In the shorter term by setting up a fullblown alternative opposition, I suspect that he will administer a much deserved and long overdue coup de grace to the misnamed Democratic party.

That by itself is quite a cause for celebration.

So not overly pessimistic about this.

Besides, BO's track record is somewhat akin to Gordon Brown in terms of actually demonstrated any real competence or achieving anything useful.

Yup, not bovvered.

So Democrats work to oppose Republicans and it's some sort of despicable conspiracy. Even more rich, they're compared to communists whilst opposing a president and cronies who have close ties to Russia and have delivered at least one quid pro quo, dampening support for Ukraine, to ex-KGB agent Putin.

'Operation Abolition' can be viewed here:

It's hysterical propaganda meant to further the "red scare" and discredited House Un-American Activities Committee that gave us the notorious Joe McCarthy and Richard M. Nixon:

I consume lots of news and haven't seen Chelsea Clinton mentioned more than a few times lately, in fact less than GW Bush, who finally looks better than another president and has come out of hiding.

The American Spectator does a fair job of editing history Ministry of Truth style, but only fair at best.

I say Bob - talk of editing the truth to suit your agenda is a bit rich coming from you.

To coin a phrase, the left dontcha' just love 'em? if it wasn't for their double standards they wouldn't have any standards at all.

Well, Cuffley, judging by the hysterical reaction from our pet left wing commentator, you have hit the spot!


I am not personally "the left". If you have a specific example of editing the truth or a double standard I'd be happy to comment.

Bob is reminding me more and more of that pest Zachriel who comments on Maggie's Farm. The "what me worry" feigned innocence is truly disingenuous.


"If you have a specific example of editing the truth or a double standard I'd be happy to comment."

As it happens Malcolm's got a post up sort of relating to those "double standards" to which, I'd *really enjoy* reading your take. Lots of links you might have to wade through.


First let me be clear I never use blogs as sources for news. The only exception I remember was Juan Cole's commentary on the Iraq invasion. However, I did read the main article and links. Pollack himself admits "The story is murky and complex, and still very much in motion. I have no idea what the truth is." But just to make you happy I'll comment anyway.

First, as you would know, increasing the sharing of info between intelligence agencies has been a priority since 9/11/01 and the failure to "connect the dots" between info held by some of the separate agencies. It's iffy to make a case Lynch signed the order only to screw Trump. For what it's worth I personally don't much like the recently expanded powers of the intelligence services or lack of congressional oversight.

I'm guessing the double standard you're referring to is an assumption "the left" approves of the Obama administration helping set up discovery of Trump's Russia connections. If I'm right how is that outside the bounds of recent politics?

"BO was not, AFAIK, a card-carrying Party member."

He don't need no stinkin' card. (Plausible deniability and all that, eh what?)

To quote the seldom-seen sage of Silicon Valley:

Arguing that Barack Obama is not a communist is like arguing that Mitt Romney is not a Mormon. Barack Obama is a communist by birth, breeding, education, and profession. His grandparents were communists, his parents were communists, his teachers were communists, his friends are communists, his colleagues are communists, he's a communist. Duh.

This is an honour! We don't have many angels visit this site, mysterious or otherwise so I am delighted to welcome "L'Angelo Misterioso". He is, of course, entirely right although it has be said that defining someone as "communist" is a bit like describing someone as 'Christian' even if the range of Christians covers Anabaptists to High Catholics and every variation in between, many of whom would deny the title of Christian to the others.

But the fact is that Obama was and remains in the extreme Left camp.

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