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Sunday, 12 March 2017


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Duffers - I too am no great admirer of the National Trust but you are mistaken to talk about the families having been disinherited.

AFAIK the gouses are transferred to NT ownership when families run out of money and the last resort, which enables the patriarch to remain in residence in one wing, is to bequeath to the NT.

I would not have taken you for the sort of snob to resent the passage of hordes of middle class people visiting respectfully these places. My m&d have been long term enthusiasts.

Without getting too marxian lets face it that especially the older grander fortunes which built these places were extorted by violence and dishonesty, often involving religion and the productive people who really built the country were usually on the receiving end.

Many of the unfortunate stories leading to families having to hand over their houses are probably due to death duties, by any standard a squalid and immoral imposition, I would agree. But many are also stupidity and greed, bad luck, gambling debts a lack of decent heirs - in other words just the usual rotation of the great wheel.

But what a fantasitc looking place!

It's the Death Duty taxes that stick in my craw, Cuffers, especially those that after two world wars hit families twice or even thrice in fairly quick succession. But yes, you're right, personal weaknesses were also a factor.

The barmy woman now at the head of the NT - Helen Ghosht or whatever her name is - is doing a lot of harm to the NT. Eco freakery and all the rest of it. I am reading The Long Weekend by Adrian Tinniswood which is an interesting account of the English Country House between the wars. Part of the problem then was that the sons who would have inherited the properties had been killed in WWI. But it also gives information on how so many of these properties were acquired or developed.

What an impressive structure! I felt like I needed to take out a mortgage just to read the write up. If I were to ever tour the property, I know a mortgage would be required just to breathe the air.

As for "Death Duty" or "death tax" as we say over here, I believe the thing is immoral.

My first trip over to WUWT. Very eye opening. If we just leave the poor climate alone, it and we will be fine. If these phony do gooders want to help the very poor in the third world, help them draw clean water from deep under ground, teach them proper farming techniques so they can feed themselves instead of being dependent on food aid from the West. It they live on non life supporting land, teach them to move...nearby- not to Europe.

Whiters, I first came across WUWT several years ago when its 'onlie begetter', Anthony Watts, conducted personal inspections of the temperature recording sites in the USA on which the 'experts' based their analyses and conclusion that AGW was all too real. Well, it was, but not quite in the way that the 'Greenies' thought. Watts, followed later by a volunteer group of 'inspectors' all over the States, quickly established that many of the sites may have started life in rural settings but after WWII many of them were swamped by urban development. Thus, they were surrounded by concrete and reflective windows, air conditioning plants and so forth. To use such results to 'prove' that global temps were increasing was an absolute con trick. A good man who deserves a top scientific award for doing proper science.

Ah Whitewall,

"If we just leave the poor climate alone, it and we will be fine. If these phony do gooders want to help ... If they live on non life supporting land, teach them to move."

Science to the rescue!


The Sister Sledge. Enjoy.

JK, In the past I read about those disappeared Vikings. There was even a NatGeo program or BBC program about those settlements. It seems they simply got stuck there because at one time Greenland was just that in places anyway. Many peoples relocated in the past only to become lost forever. That is how North Carolina got started...The Lost Colony, a full 20 years before Jamestown, Va.

Whitewall, history is about settlements although some who settled seem to have problems with others who have settled, like the Irish and Scots! Who think it was alright for them to settle elsewhere but not the English. Only kiddin.

Jimmy, you shoulda been around here in the early and mid 1700s when the land was thick with English, Scots, Irish and even Welsh! Next thing you know, Germans-Moravians- began settling just before and up to the disturbance with King George 3rd. All around here we have olde grave yards with interesting spelling on many tombstones. Most everyone got along okay it seemed...even the Irish!

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