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Sunday, 19 March 2017


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I figured you were hip deep in domestic duties. It's good to know the Memsahib is walking around some. My wife had a similar fall a while back and still has to use a cane for any extensive walking or walking on uneven ground.

Unfortunately, the 'Memsahib' needs a stick these days which makes it easier for her to give me jab if I don't behave!

So poetic and prophetic! Love it!

Hey, you Brits call off 00.75 or whoever it was that bugged Trump Tower. He's got enough problems without your perfidy.

She appears to know that Hell awaits her. In her final years, she is only rationalizing.

Whiters - are you talking about Prof. Savage (she's the one with the moustache) or the memsahib (who doesn't have a mo. I think/hope)?

Andra, I can absolutely confirm that the 'Memsahib' definitely does not have moustache, she shaves very carefully at least twice a day!

I had a very good friend (now sadly no longer with us) who campaigned vigorously for the rights of the unborn. She was disabled from birth with spina bifida, and became incensed that doctors could consider people like her as being unworthy of life. She later realised that the right to life extended to all, icluding those whose births would merely be "inconvenient" to some people.

This friend was an exceptionally kind and forgiving person, and rarely had a bad word about anybody. Except, tellingly, Wendy Savage. She was considered to be a nasty dishonest and foul individual. Well, take a look at her picture. I know any of us can be captured in an unflattering light, especially as we get older. But moral degeneracy has a certain look, don't you think?

Whyaxye, indeed it does.

Andra, I was talking about the "dead woman walking" Prof Savage, natch!

I would hate to stand before my Maker and try and justify the killing of 10,000 small humans - but then her chances of ascending rather than descending are somewhat remote.

It is not so many decades since people were put on trial for "crimes against humanity" for the slaughter of innocents.

Well there are many people who will fight against this woman, because, as we know, sex is a social construct, and you should not be slapping labels on foetus' before they are born! Imagine! You might go so far as to offer pink and blue Kinder eggs which would completely confuse children as to why there is a difference!

If 'Lian Huntley' can change his sex so as to be put into a female prison, away from all those nasty men who apparently think child killing is the worst crime a man can commit, what is the point of separate sexes?

I think I have lived too long.....

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