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Sunday, 26 March 2017


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Good to read you are in, dare I say, higher spirits.

No stipulation whether virgin olive oil or not, so guess most any will do.

If nothing else, olive oil might be good for your coat.

I suspect the Memsahib deserves the credit for your speedy recovery?

I am relieved to know the Westminster terrorist was just a druggie loser. Some news papers had begun to whisper that he was driven by that arch sin Racism!

He was just a naughty Muslim. Drugs, booze, women, violence, theft. He wasn't going to go to paradise was he? Unless he killed an infidel or two. So he did. I've sent this to Scotland Yard, save them a lot of pondering on his motive.

Eh, Whitewall?

JK, yep that's the place about 30 minutes west of my wife's home and her father's home county in South Carolina. Her family names are on the monuments atop that mountain. In 1780, things looked bleak. In every war things can look bleak, even today. The full write up and good read:

David, we have had a long-running fad over here for "martini bars" that offer a seemingly endless number of bastardizations. Examples here:

The chocolate martini, a favorite of one of our lady friends, isn't on the list, but you might like the breakfast martini.

JK, after having splurged on a bottle of Hübler absinthe I've decided it's worth the price. It's too rough to drink the way the Swiss do - at room temperature mixed with spring water - but a little sugar (about 2 tsp. per quart refrigerated water) mixed 3:1 is tasty. Best of all the "medicinal herbs" are soothing to achy old bones and pleasantly relaxing. Apparently the legends about absinthe causing insanity come from the "good old days" before governments had jack booted thugs that could legally require distillers not to poison people. Even if that's not true insanity might break up the boredom of old age. It's worth a try.

"The chocolate martini"! Bob, you Americans have much to answer for!


I'll take your suggestion to Barney which, I expect, he'll probably take under advisement - the trouble'll probably be since the Magroos ain't too "hip" on the Interwebs (Barney particularly) getting the Hübler's family recipe might take some time.

But like I say, I'll give it a go. Thanks for lookin' toward my health Bob.

(Price isn't the problem a'tall I assure - I do Glenfiddich right regularly.)

Glenfiddich...sounds like something along the line of a "medical embarrassment"--one where you go at least a county away to visit their clinic for treatment.

"At least a county away"!

Jeebers Whitewall, make that a whole 'nother state!

Yep. Gotta go all the way (which for me admittedly ain't but nine mile) to Misery.


That sounds like a bit of "in-yo-endo" :)

JK, Glenfiddich was my favorite for years. And sorry about the typo, the name is Kübler.

Martinis? Glenfiddler? Sheesh! It it isn't rum [undiluted] or a good beer or stout it isn't worth soiling your taste buds. Though with some Pussers Rum there is probably not much left of the taste buds.

"Pussers Rum"? I'm not going to touch that one ...

Shalom TBH

Pusser is the slang term for a sailor in HM's navies and so Pusser's Rum the name given to the rum issue which was discontinued on "Black Tot Day" 31st July 1970. Twenty two long years before I hung up my uniform for the last time. For a synopsis of rum issue see

A tot of rum after a miserably cold night on watch is nectar of the Gods.

Shalom AD.

I should have proceeded as I usually do, namely Googled it: "Pusser is Royal Navy slang for a purser, a ship's supply officer, now called a Logistics Officer, in the Royal Navy."

Instead, I made a lame attempt at a wisecrack. My bad.


Just sos you know ... I spent abit o' time (43 days to be precise) aboard one of your ships TAD which portcall happened to coincide with a USN CV making a "same time/same place" visit into Hong Kong.

Oh what an adventure! ... A "chance meeting" at the China Fleet Club wherein I *un-accoutered* as a 'regularly attired USN guy' got stuffed behind something hefty (and properly protected) by ... was it one or two maybe three[?] of your guys thus resulting in my person coming out "not overly unscathed" by *my guys* once the various SPs showed up settling the matter.

Ah those were the days ... I was much younger then of course.

(Sometime ... if the opportunity likewise presents itself AD, I might, allude to another adventure wherein a contingent of Aussies and Yanks on a "sightseeing trip" wound up on the same USN helo which, somewhat unfortuitously, happened to get stuck setting down in a just drained paddy on Mindanao. To the supreme embarrassment of - He Who Shall Forever Remain Unnamed - my USMC CO.

That too was an adventure - darn the luck.)

Shalom TBH
The term managed to get itself extended to sailors in general rather than just pursers.

JK the "place" for misadventure in the Far East was Bugis Street in Singapore. Commonwealth service men [and "cousins"] gravitated to it like bees to a honeypot. The women were exquisite if you overlooked the fact that some of them, I am told,had testicles. It was of of course "off limits" to officers - one of the disadvantages of being commissioned. The Singaporean gummint sanitized the place and it became pretty dismal.

I had the pleasure of visiting various vessels belonging to the USN and the only one I didn't like was USS Queenfish purely because it was a submarine [I hate submarines]

The way to distinguish between the girls and the boys in Bugis Street was to remember, despite sinking eight pints of Tiger beer, that the 'good lookers' were the boys!

So you have been there too Duffers?

Haven't had a Tiger for years. Not a bad drop really.

Oh yes, AussieD, a proper old Far East hand, I am! You have obviously missed my oft-repeated tale of an evening spent in Bugis Street watching some matelots from a visiting aircraft carrier (we had some in those days!) and seeing a young'un being encouraged by his mates to go off with a very pretty lady. His return was rapid and he was white under his tan!

Aye Singapore ... the single place in the whole wide world for USN "Patriots" to *enjoy* the proper comeuppance of the USN's "Yankee contingents" ... oh God whatta place - "Fat Leonard" aside ...

"Corn-cob-pipes" an' all doncha know ... past "my time" ... waaaay past but the reports 'n all have been an enjoyment. *O'Barmy's Navy* seemingly reflecting his hmmm ... Oirish Roots an' all went with it.

Singapore ...

"Gateway to Danger" ... we called it

JK, that is UNBELIEVABLE! But then I read the Wiki report which confirmed it. Can't wait for the film!

Here David, is the *preliminary* screenplay:

(But I suspect the Wiki version'd result in something abit more ... uhm, "racier"?

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