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Sunday, 05 March 2017


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To be fair, given the fact that the 'Shinners' and the 'Proddies' are about to kick off on round 193 of their never-ending punch-up, and that the 'Jock Nats' are eagerly looking for an Anglo - any old Anglo will do - to head butt, one cannot be absolutely certain that there will be a United Kingdom left to walk out of the EU!

Brilliant! England shall be free, and the erstwhile members of our union can take their chances with the EU. The Scots can see how they like the Eurozone, and Merkel can sort out the Irish. That'll be panzers in the Bogside, or more likely she will swamp them with North African rapists until they agree to get along.

What Whyaxye said.

Multi culti education in Israel? Sounds like the Left has had too large an influence there too. The two state solution is at hand and has been for a long time. Israel and Jordan.

Maybe, Whiters, but that still leaves a large Arab population inside Israel and allowing the Mullahs to inculcate their hatred into the young is silly!

David, I suspect at some point the rest of the Arab world will get sick of these "Palestinians" as the disposable Arabs they are. They are a defeated people and as such, need to be given the three options any defeated people have. Won't be pretty.

Profiles in Courage. Trash praising trash. Obama is the only anti American President ever elected. He still is and actively so.

Unlike Trump, who would never hire Tony Schwartz to ghost write 'The Art of the Deal' or break a law, the illegitimate former president has also bugged Trump Tower! And if The Donald is pumped full of clozapine, buckled into a straight jacket and hauled out of the White House by men in white coats that will be Obama's fault too!


"Far be it from me, a goy, ..."

Jews are members of a religion -- Judaism. If you include converts (of which there aren't many because Judaism does not emphasize proselytizing) Jews comprise members of all ethnicities.

The principal Jewish ethnicities are Sephardi and Ashkenazi. The former are largely descendant from Iberian and North African Jews. The latter are descendant from Central and Eastern European Jews, mainly from Poland, Russia, Lithuania, Ukraine, and Hungary. The original Ashkenazi Jews (German Jews) were annihilated during the Holocaust.

As far as "I thought the Jews were smarter than that!", that is a generalization without merit. It is based in part on the relatively large number of Jewish Nobel Laureates, the majority being Ashkenazi whose areas of specialization are in the hard sciences, medicine, and economics.

As the Bible tells us, however, Jews are rightfully characterized, by God Himself, as the "stiff-necked people", which is why so many American Jews are "progressive" liberals. They may be "smart" in some respects, but many of them are politically dimwitted.

End of "Jewish Studies 101".

..and one family have DNA which is pure Norse. Don't ask as I haven't a clue why but true it is.

Shalom TBH

AussieD, Norse? Blonde hair, blue eyed type or something else? Henry?

AD & WW,

I am not aware of the existence of DNA Norse Jews (by birth to a Jewish mother who was also born to a Jewish mother, ...). It is quite possible (even probable), however, that there are some blond blue-eyed Norse who are either converts or Jewish by injection.

My wife, Trish, is a strawberry-blonde blue-eyed woman of Swedish/Irish descent, who was born Catholic and became Jewish by injection (which is a technical term :)

Would not those be Kazars, descended from people who converted en masse to Judaism in the eleventh century?They often look rather Celtic, reddish hair, blue eyes, etc. They lived in the region later known as "The Pale" in Ukraine.

TBH. Norse it is. Fair hair, blue eyes, pale skin. Several years ago my wife and I signed up to the Genographic research programme collecting DNA as part of a study showing human migration patterns. I thought I must have been sent the wrong information or the samples had been mixed up so I contacted the study people and told them they must have it wrong. A repeat test was done and it came out with the same result.

The same study also sends you information when a "relation" within the same haplogroup is found and so far they are all of Norse origin and mostly within the Viking sphere of influence so I guess somewhere way back along the line a conversion took place.

The thought of a large Magen David adorning the sail of a long ship is kind of fascinating.


Your story is similar to my own. I also had my DNA tested and my result corresponds to that of 92% of Irish males! The most likely explanation, in both of our cases, is the same.

A male's basic DNA test uses his Y chromosome, which traces only a single line of ancestry -- the patrilineal line. This is the strictly male ancestral line, namely: your father; your paternal grandfather; your paternal grandfather's father, etc., all the way up to your so-called patrilineal progenitor, the offspring of some poor Jewish girl who was raped by (in your case) a Viking and (in my case) an Irish dude. And that progenitor was given Jewish status because his mother was Jewish, despite the fact that his natural father was not a Jew.

Michael Adams,

The story about the Kazar conversion to Judaism is in some dispute. There are also stories about Jews in various (unlikely) regions, such as Scandinavia and China, which are attributed to the so-called "lost tribes" of Israel. Whether or not such stories are based on factual information, the lost tribes of Israel no longer have a legitimate claim to Judaism as we know it today.

Historically, Jews (other than converts) are the descendants of the patriarchs Abraham, Isaac, and Jacob (later named Israel). Jacob, according to the Pentateuch, had 12 sons, who became the progenitors of the 12 tribes of Israel, whom Moses lead out of Egypt during the Exodus (as described in the Old Testament). These 12 tribes (Moses was of the tribe of Levi, from which the priests were selected) populated the land of Israel, which subsequently coalesced into the Kingdoms of Judah (in the south, with Jerusalem as its center) and Israel (in the north). Judah comprised the two tribes of Judah and Benjamin. The northern kingdom comprised the other ten tribes.

After the Diaspora, the ten northern tribes were lost to recorded history. Only the tribes of Judah and Benjamin survived to worship their God according to Rabbinic Judaism, which has been the mainstream form of Judaism since the 6th century AD, after the codification of the Babylonian Talmud.

End of "Jewish Studies 201".

Oi vey, my life already, I'm almost ready to qualify as a Jew! Thank you, Gentlemen, fascinating stuff.

And TBH, "My wife, Trish, is a strawberry-blonde blue-eyed woman of Swedish/Irish descent" - damn, you Jews get all the luck!


I'm not familiar with the expression, "my life already". What do you mean by it?

Henry, it's just a sort of catch phrase 'over here' that indicates the speaker is Jewish - or in my case, pretending to be. A very dry, witty fellow that Asimov!

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