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Wednesday, 22 March 2017


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May he rot in hell. Politicians always sell out the service personnel they expect to put their lives on the line.

Sounds like some of this could have the potential to restart trouble in Northern Ireland?

I'll be visiting Northern Ireland next year to see some ex Army colleagues and would like to visit McGuiness' grave........ with a full bladder.

Thanks for the excerpts and summaries, DD. My favourite so far is the one by Alistair Campbell (for whom the term "moral illiterate could have been coined!) in the Guardian. It is entitled "Tough-minded, abrupt, likable, human: Martin McGuinness". That's a bit like an obituary entitled "Uncompromising, widely travelled, devout, family man: Bin Laden".

The most thought-provoking quote of yesterday was from John Humphrys on the Today programme. He said he found McGuinness to be "personally terrifying". This from a legendarily tough interviewer who talked to him in a nice warm studio over coffee. Makes you think, doesn't it?

I think there is some truth in the view that the IRA was compromised by infiltration, but it leaves the question as to why the UK government surrendered so abjectly to them. When you have the advantage, then surely you follow through. I guess the answer is a mixture of fatigue and that cretin Blair.

Anyway, he's gone. Let's hope that Douglas Murray is correct, and a post mortem examination of McGuinness' career will send his reputation to join the man himself.

There was a rumour some years ago that McGuiness threatened to name Republican supporters in British high society if he was ever arrested and charged. It was therefore decided he be left alone "for the greater good".


Ah, interesting. Let's hope somebody names them now!

I guess McGuinness was just the type of psychopath who gets lucky whenever a community breaks down into turmoil. Of all the atrocities committed by the IRA,the one that I still find hardest to bear is Warrington. Three year old Jonathan Ball killed by a bomb while buying a Mother's Day card. Twelve year old Tim Parry died a month later. Two bombs were placed in cast-iron litter bins.

God have mercy on us all.

I'm trying to keep up with the terrorist attack events outside Parliament. Sick.

Fundamentalists think they have the right to kill or maim anyone for their cause. What a tragedy in human history for them to promise not to kill and they get to collect their salaries.
I do not wish to be unkind to our USA readers but the PIRA had support from certain US politicians that probably made it impossible for the British to wipe out the genocidal PIRA.

Jimmy, not only known pols, but many thousands of Irish Catholics in Boston, NY and Chicago. Plenty of bloody hands over here.

Jimmy Glesga - I remember going to Boston on a ship visit in the early 90's. I clearly remember talking to some of those Bosonites who thought so highly of the IRA until it was pointed out what they actually did. Some were horrified, but some were unrepentant. Hopefully 9/11 will have put that right in their minds. They still have blood on their hands though.

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