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Friday, 31 March 2017


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If Junk is not careful the good burgers of Mersch may wish to secede from Luxembourg and see how he likes them apples.

Ask any Austrian economist the USA breaking up into separate independent states would be win win for the American people. Well those at least who eschew Democratic values. However even they would benefit. In fact little would change it would still carry on cooperating particularly on defence and security and many other things besides. What will change is that the resulting decentralisation and added competition would create true liberal values and greater prosperity.

I'm sure Trump knows that the best defence against this sort of thing is to impose a massive "leavers fee" of the kind favoured by the EU.

Yep, Junck' is on the giggle juice.

Did Trump actually say this? I know he said brexit will destabilize the European Union and that Germany dominated the European Union. But I don't recall any encouragement given to other countries to leave. Of course no one on earth knows everything Trump has said.

I think that should be "dribble juice", Whiters!

Dom, you have a point - imagine being Trump's biographer - where to begin? - where to end? - where do I get a drink?

On the subject of weedy Englishmen, FSB asset Nigel Farage and his bag man are way ahead of Juncker:

"They made their names breaking Britain away from Brussels, but Nigel Farage and his money man Arron Banks have now set themselves an even tougher target — splitting California in two.

The self-styled “bad boys of Brexit” have just returned from the state, where Farage helped raise $1m (£800,000) for a campaign to set up a referendum to divide California down the middle.

The Farage and Banks-backed intervention comes amid competing visions for “Calexit”, with a rival effort aiming to take the state out of the union in reaction to the election of Donald Trump."

If California left the Union would anyone notice? Probably won't though as it would mean all those cry-baby actors would have nowhere to threaten to leave if [here insert your favourite leftist bete-noir]went ahead.

Shalom AD,

There's always Cher's favorite, Jupiter. Has she left yet?

Shalom TBH

Love this bloke. Not afraid to stick it to the politically [in]correct.


Yeah, that dude tells it straight up.


Since California has the 6th largest economy in the world it's secession would be noticed.

Sorry, should be "its".

Well Bob, you've won the Arkansas Lottery for that correction.

Pack an overnight bag and head over to FWA (Fort Wayne I'm pretty sure) where there'll be a bright yellow Aviat Husky which will deliver yourself to MEM where you'll get limousine pickup chauffeured by Al Sharpton personally touring the Delta's finest BBQ joints and tonks clear down through and past Tunica where, at some point alongside Big Muddy, you'll ferry across meeting up with Dick Cheney who'll personally be guiding you to join him in

Enjoy Bob.

We'll all miss you while you're away. I promise.

Oh, almost forgot - on the offchance Bob you don't know an Aviat Husky from a Sopwith Camel.

Your air transport will be courtesy of Indiana Jones Airline.


I've never won anything before and just can't believe it! Love BBQ and am looking forward to trying the Arkansas style. Wouldn't go to a rat shoot with Cheney, though. He has a checkered hunting past and anyone who got too close might get hit, either by him or someone with an inclusive definition of "rat".


You won't have to miss me. I travel with a notebook computer.

But you don't Bob, mind Harrison Ford as your pilot?

I'd prefer Tom Hanks as 'Sully' Sullenberger.

If California leaves the union what is it going to do for water?
It has very little of it's own, would probably revert to the semi-desert that it is.

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