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Tuesday, 14 March 2017


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Wouldn't it be nice if Mrs May put a PS on her Article 50 letter. We are leaving at midnight tonight. No more money will be sent after that time.

By and large, with probably a few minor exceptions, they hate us and envy us. All they can see is a large island across the water that has for centuries stopped them doing what they wanted to do. Some have even had the displeasure of being liberated by us, and more than one has been occupied by us. Make no mistake, to do us down by hook or by crook is their objective. Brexit is just another battle in a thousand year European struggle.

We need to distinguish between the EU (commission, five Presidents, EU Parliament) and the people's and governments of Europe.
The former will invent every difficulty possible in hopes of retaining as much of their power as possible.
Whether they can persuade the Germans to give up on exporting cars, the Spanish to shut down their tourist industry or anyone to forgo finance remains to be seen.

Indeed they will do us no favours. For one thing, if they did there would then be a rush for the exits.

I suspect no deal will be done, or else only a deal so disadvantageous that "no deal" would be better.

Booker and North will hyper-ventilate, as will SoD I am sure, but we are where we are and it's the only way forward. Intelligent Leavers knew this from the start, and knew also that this game is very much worth this candle.

In a sense there is a deal already- WTO schedules with which we trade with the rest of the world and with which the rest of the world trades with the EU.

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