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Thursday, 02 March 2017


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David, do those coaches you ride have on board bathrooms?


You beat me to it. I take it you are intimately familiar with "old man's disease"?

Conleth Hill is American? I bite my thumb at you, sir.

Henry, ohh yes...

Timbo, I cringe, Sir, I cringe, nay, I prostrate myself before both you and Mr. Hill who is, I now learn, from Ulster. Mea culpa and all that sort of thing!

Yes, Gentlemen, there is indeed a toilet on the coach which was a relief - a relief - geddit?!

Duffers, you are forgiven.

BTW, can you use the toilet while the bus is at a stop?

"four people who inhabit it are all more or less total shits of the first water! "
Well placed domestic violence would have sorted things out pronto.
Intellectuals don't seem to understand this.

I have never used it, Timbo, I simply cross my legs and think of Her Maj!

John, have a care, if the 'Memsahib' reads that who knows what may occur!

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