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Monday, 13 March 2017


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These are good! My younger brother spends the winter near Cocoa Beach Florida every year. He is there now so I forwarded these to him...much positive response from his neighbors and friends who seem to "resemble those jokes".

Moses and Jesus are playing golf. Moses tees off straight down the fairway. It takes a few hops and bounces up onto the green. Jesus says, "Nice shot, Mo."

Jesus tees off straight when suddenly, the ball takes a wicked hook into the trees. It bounces around until a squirrel picks it up and starts running with it back to the tee.

Just then, an eagle swoops down on the squirrel, picks it up in his claws and flies towards the green. As he flies over the hole, a bolt of lightning hits the eagle. The eagle drops the squirrel; the squirrel drops the ball; the ball drops into the hole!

Moses turns to Jesus and says, "Are you going to fuck around or play golf?"

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