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Friday, 14 April 2017


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OT again, on the "Head Rambles" post I referred you to earlier, there are comments suggesting that Ms Raccoon's revelations will be appearing in this weeks Sunday Times.

Crikey! I'll have make sure I'm wearing my asbestos gloves when I read it!

Over here religion is less popular because of not only pedophile priests but spectacularly visible and hypocritical televangelists like Jim Bakker, Jimmy Swaggart, Ted Haggard and countless others. The internet probably plays a major role because it makes information contrary to orthodoxy easily accessible. "Holy warriors" of various faiths have also added their efforts to give religion a black eye.

From another direction atheist activists have probably had some influence too. Ron Reagan, son of President Saint Ronald, now does commercials for the Freedom From Religion Foundation:

However, the famous complaint from Ecclesiastes holds, and there is nothing new under the sun. In our history religious participation in the public sphere has waxed and waned with some regularity:

Since moving back to the Midwest I've met two Brit ex-pat "men of the cloth" that relocated here. Both saw the area as a greener pasture for plying their trade. They might be moving on again, wondering if there is no rest for the righteous as well as the wicked.

Never mind Bob, soon you'll have all the religion you want!

How so, backofanenvelope?

Asked (by me, actually) if the christians will disapear, the catholic french philosopher Rémi Brague (wich I recommend very vividly) smiled and said: 'Maybe, but europeans are disapearing faster'.

ortega, an interesting post. It sounds like there might be an "old Europe" underneath this modern, secular but dying Europe? There are too many fine cathedrals left nearly empty as so many worship the State and celebrities and the environment. Hopefully people will wake up and realize that their future is under attack by the modern world as well as Islam. Islam will give Europe a religion whether it wants it or not.


"How so, backofanenvelope?"

As BOE seems unavailable ( ... ) I'll have a go at your easy simple question.

Saint Donald of Trump.

You're welcome.

I'm against all religions.
Mumbo jumbo and black magic.

Thank you, JK. His chocolate cake is heavenly:

I do not know what our first ancestors believed when they first descended from the trees, walked upright and acquired cognitive mental abilities. However at some point their imagination gave rise to religious beliefs which were very basic. As that imagination was assailed by much unexplained information it then moved on to more complex religious beliefs where pantheons of multiple gods exist some still do. However the majority moved onto monotheism so it can be no surprise that the more enlightened of us have come to conclusion that beliefs born of the imagination are evidentially unacceptable so now believe in no god.

David, since you haven't put up a new post I'll make another point. If I recall correctly, Britons practiced a wide range of pagan practices that included worshiping trees, goddesses, the moon, and others before the Romans imposed their beliefs. Christianity's legitimacy as part of the British identity is as suspect as any other religious tradition's.

Bob, see my latest post.

Oi! I sprang for the Sunday Times as I am a great admirer of the Raccoon, but al there is (after a deal of searching) is a short article in which Susanne Cameron-Blackie (her real name, I believe) says that you shouldn't sue the NHS when they screw up. Given the enormous amount of suffering that woman has endured due to NHS incompetence this is almost saintly, but hardly justifies buying the smug and consistently wrong-headed ST.

Me, too, Mike but I didn't even find the article! However, I did come across this post which is worth a read:

An interesting blogspot...

Thanks for the link to the Knight and Drummer, David - interesting site.

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