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Tuesday, 18 April 2017


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This story greeted me on my home page-MSN- first thing this morning with a large photo of PM May and a full article. It stayed so and not until after lunch did the photo move to the side of the page. I take it the Labour Party was all a twitter which I guess means all the "proper" UK media was too. Not to be outdone, our mainstream media must have felt compelled to "twitter" right a long in sympathy.

It will be an extremely interesting election, but not for the usual reasons. Normally, we face general elections with anxiety because of who we might end up with. This time, there is virtually no chance of an upset. We are, it appears, being asked to express our support for Mrs. May against the remoaners. We should make sure that we do it, too: this will be an election where the overal votes cast will be bandied about as evidence for support of Brexit, so no tactical voting, please!

The real interest here will be in the theatrical aspects. I almost feel sorry for that poor old sod Corbyn. If I could remember the Lib Dem chap's name or what he looked like, I would feel sorry for him, too. But he is likely to receive support from remoaners, so unfortunately he will be given an extended lease of life. And there are some hard questions that ought to be put to that grotesque little being who runs the Nats. All delicious!

Good old Bill Wordsworth - had a way with words that man.

St.Theresa has wrong footed the opposition yet again.

Would that we had a conservative leader with her acumen.

I must admit, I've thought May very 'Tory lite' up until now.

But got to hand it to her, she's stuck it to Labour & her own disloyal backbenchers, and done it with aplomb.

Perhaps we are seeing the birth of a new philosophy - Trumpism. You just have to be unpredictable and keep the opposition on the run. The police in Berkeley have just demonstrated how to do it.

Julia, good to hear from you again and I, too, 'ha'e ma doots' concerning the lady but this move was exceedingly shrewd and the execution impeccable.

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