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Wednesday, 26 April 2017


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Duffers I will have to get it now. You have stirred the possum with this one.

Go for it, AussieD, it's fascinating stuff.

One I'll bear in mind for the future. At present just started on Churchill and Lloyd George (which followed on from reading Peacemakers as recommended by you and realising I knew very little about LG).

Mike, I remember enjoying that when I read it a few years back. What a pair of rascals! They were summed up best by Stanley Baldwin who said, "LG was born a cad and never forgot it; Winston was born a gentleman and never remembered it."

Next to it on my book shelf I also have "Lloyd George: From Peace to War 1912-1916". He was the 'artful dodger' of his time but his work as Minister for Munitions was brilliant. When you're ready let me know what you think of the book.

What would you have done in their place? (even with hind sight)

John, I would not have attempted to fight navy ships through the Dardanelles!

In the broader sense, I would have gone on the defensive on the western front and put a stop to all those murderous and stupid attacks which slaughtered hundreds of thousands and which, on a good day(!) gained half a mile! Instead, I would have let the naval blockade slowly strangle the Germans.

Damn, that hind sight is a wonderful thing, such a pity fore sight is so rare - especially with me!

As soon as they brought out those Maxim guns and used them, good sense, neither foresight nor hind sight, would have made it pretty plain that a defensive-waiting strategy, plus, perhaps, sending aid to the Russians, was the order of the day. Courage is what keeps us from suicide the first time a girl turns us down. Beyond that, wisdom ought to prevail. What were they thinking!?!Old men were awfully "brave" with the lives of young ones. Even if something is worth my life, do I really think it is worth yours?

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