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Tuesday, 18 April 2017


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I passed this information on to my wife - who informed me we had listened to it last night! I was reading and had my "spoken word filter" in place. This enables me to listen the music and but not to the inane chatter and adverts that adorn Classic FM.

My late mother was a classical music freak and what little I learned came from her and a class in Fine Arts in the 8th grade. It amazed me that a cello could be one of the most evocative instruments in an orchestra! Thus my appreciation for string sections...including the viola. Pianos, not so much. French horns I like a great deal.

The problem with the 5th is that we've all heard it too often.

Some of the notes in parentheses rather indicate the customer base they're aiming for . . . And yes, the abysmal quality of the ads is the main reason I don't patronise their airwaves.

Quite right, Whiters, the cello is the very greatest of all instruments.

Honestly, some of you are such a bunch of grumps! Yes, the ads are irritating but there aren't that many of them and anyway it gives the missus a chance to make me another cuppa! And if you don't listen to Classic FM then it would have to be BBC Radio 3 where you probably get three hours of the Concerto for Vacuum Cleaner and Foghorn as composed by the very latest Japanese modernist!

Just read the top twenty from yesterday and say that you really wouldn't want to hear any of them!

It's no surprise Williams's highly accessible string orchestral pieces are popular. Likewise for Barber's 'Adagio for Strings', one of the few of his works that's easy to take. Though not on the list, the obscure Brit composer Frederic Cliffe is definitely worth a listen.

Thanx for the info, David.

Dom, you can never listen to Beethoven's 5th often enough. One note follows another in perfect inevitability!

The young Leonard Bernstein explained:

Yeah but what do I care what any Google guy says!

(Of course I does "some other stuff" too and, especially after the US Congress freed the ISPs ...)

JK, don't think I'm not grateful but after reading the first three paragraphs of your link I began to lose the will to live! Apart from the fact that I didn't understand any of it, it sounded like SoD giving me one of his computer lectures!

For me, the sheer stupendous exuberance exhibited by Bach's Violin Partita #BWV1006, (Leopold Stokowski version) sends the required hordes of goosebumps parading up and down my spine.

This, closely followed by Gounod's Juidex from Mors et Vitae would affix the dreamy smile of an afficianado at any time.

The only other time I remain absolutely still is for the stately Second Movement of the 'Emperor' concerto.

The vast avalanche of most true classical music follows, excluding the atrocious cacophony exuded by the likes of Schoenberg or Birtwhistle.

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