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Saturday, 15 April 2017


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A lesson nicely delivered!

Hillel the Elder recognized brotherly love, also known as The Golden Rule, as the fundamental principle of Jewish moral law:

"What is hateful to you, do not do to your fellow."
I am not a religious person, but I do believe that The Golden Rule is the essence of all religions that are worthy of consideration by civilized humanity.

Islam is currently the most notorious religion as seen by the Western world, but it's not unique. Every major faith and many you've probably never heard of are or have recently been at war:

Religious doctrine sets men against women mostly because nearly all religions evolved from ancient fertility myths.

If you read the Bible you'll find there are at least as many cruel ideas ascribed to Jesus as good ones. Christianity's great champion, the Roman Emperor Constantine, thought of Jesus as a war god.

Bob, I don't need to undertake a religious affairs course, thanks all the same, the ten commandments are as good a guide to a reasonably civilised life as possible.

Eh ... David?

Given your habits here on good ol' D&N, what you've placed above ... some other stuff a good archivist ought have a good grasp of ...

Anyway, you might oughta refresh yourself on commandment number 8.

Exodus and I'm pretty sure its chapter 20 verse 15.

David, you seemed to wonder and I attempted to steer you from the stormy seas of ignorance to the calm harbor of enlightenment. I'm an autodidact that occasionally veers into pedantry. Sue me.

How do you square your agnosticism with commandments #1 "You shall have no other gods before Me" and #4 "Keep the Sabbath day holy"? How about the calumnies in The American Thinker, etc. with #9 "You shall not bear false witness against your neighbor"? Thou art confused.

All religions have been at war -- true, but the religion that is at war with the west is islam. If there is an outbreak of influenza in the west, no one says, "well, malaria is also a problem".

Did you even read your first link? Muslims appear more than other groups:

1. Israel - Palestine ("religious tensions between Jews and Muslim Palestinians over the Wailing Wall led to the 1929 Palestine riots including the Hebron and Safed massacres"

2. Pakistan - India (Make up your own nightmare -- it's probably true)

3. Nigeria with itself ("Officials estimated that 500 people were massacred in night-time raids by rampaging Muslim gangs.")

4. Abyssinia - Somalia ("The Imam ... came close to extinguishing the ancient realm of Abyssinia, and forcibly converting all of its surviving subjects to Islam").

This doesn't even mention the wars that muslims of one stripe wage against muslims of another stripe, like Mashal Khan in Pakistan ( or Asad Shah in Wales (

"If you read the Bible you'll find there are at least as many cruel ideas ascribed to Jesus as good ones." If you're going to count cruel and good ideas, the two sides of the ledger might be equal in length. But really? The beatitudes and the "father forgive them" statement seem to outweigh everything else.

Bob I actually have read the bible and I must say I haven't come across too many evil acts ascribed to Jesus.

Indeed the contrast between the old testament with its violent tales of aggression, dominance and retribution by an unpredictable and violent god contrasts enormously with the doctrine of personal virtue and forgiveness preached by Jesus. It's hard to believe the two are related!

Furthermore if you plot global well being against the rise of what you could call anglo christianity you will find a very close correlation. Most catholic countries' progress has been on the coattails of the anglo christians, and most progress of any sort by other peoples has been even more so.

I am not a practising christian but the libertarian values which for me take the place of religious belief are basically derived from christan teachings.

It is bad news for the world that these values are gradually being lost, destroyed largely by the influence of cultural marxism.

I am hardly qualified to discuss Christianity which in its time hasn't been all that friendly towards my lot. See for a synopsis. However the advance of Western Civilization to the ideas of personal freedom, responsibility and obligation is due to the Judeo-Christian ethic. Without those ideas what we accept as the model for civil behaviour would not exist. Prove me wrong by citing another "civilization" with equal values if you can.

Happy Easter to all you mob.

To certain extent it can be said that the distinguishing feature of humans is altruism. There is what I would call semi-altruism amongst *some* animals which will sacrifice themselves for their off-spring but only humans will undertake altruistic actions for strangers. Quite where that trait comes from I have no idea but it's worth noting that it blows an almighty hole in Darwinism of the Dawkins variety! Maybe, and this is merely a suggestion, what I might call the humanistic religions stem from this trait of altruism in some humans. So maybe it was human nature first and religion second!

We don't need to understand the theories underpinning various religions. Let's just take an empirical view of things. Western Christian democratic capitalism has produced the best results by far for the ordinary man. Islam has produced ignorance, disease, bigotry and violence.

Cuffleyburgers, you are in fine form this morning! Well said. This morning's offerings are quite right and I must say, are a comfort to read.

Good news that now you do care very much about the state of Christianity. Jesus dwell in you richly.

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