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Monday, 03 April 2017


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LBJ was reputed to have once greeted a soviet delegation with his Jumbo on display, commenting that they may be interested in seeing some " genuine Texan pork" or some such.

Perhaps DJT is using the same type of tactics to disconcert the adversary?

An adversary needs to be kept off balance. An enemy needs to be kept in the cross hairs.

David, congratulations on being the only person on Earth to have divined Trump's decision making process. One thing about him that's not so funny, however, is what might happen if his popularity goes down a few more points and he decides the way to get the country behind him is to start a war.

One of the many conspiracy theories about the JFK assassination is that an intelligence service set up the deed. It was because Kennedy had fallen for the honey trap and developed a bad habit of bopping East German spies in the White House. Trump would seem an even fatter target, only the trap would be financial and the country Russia. If the McDonald's-eating septuagenarian clutches his chest and goes down on one of his luxury golf courses there will be lots of interesting fables.

At seventy, (just relying on statistics, mind) DJT is very likely, ahem, still capable. OTOH, most of us do, usually, come to a time when we are not led around by our most and least flexible appendage.

Aside from winning the election, what has the President done that was "totally unpredictable"?

Despots like wars especially when they are looking for a crutch to help them hop around on one leg. So Duffers do not for one moment believe that Mr Xi will not become all belligerent like because of trade concerns if he suddenly decides the crutch is just what he needs to placate discontented peasants and bring them back on side.

When I was an OR in the airforce, it was well known that officers were better treated by banks because they had overdrafts. OR didn't have bank accounts.

Banks must be different in the UK BoE.

If it hadn't been for a Service Housing Co-op [open to all ranks] I wouldn't have been able to buy my first home as the banks here, in my experience, regarded ALL service personnel as unreliable whether Officer, NCO or OR. As for an overdraft the bank would just laugh at you.

Henry..."Aside from winning the election, what has the President done that was "totally unpredictable"?" That's just it. He is being himself. The Democrats and their media are finally revealing themselves. We no longer have to worry about Russians infiltrating our government. Just Democrats.

AussieD. Perhaps I should have included a date! I joined in 1954. Digging in the memory files, I think I had a bank account by the time I married in 1958 - with a loan.

BoE I joined in 1958, married in 1961 and started paying off my first house in 1964 so our time frames are not that far apart. The other issue is that here Officers were from across the broad spectrum of the community and commissioning from the ranks quite common.

Some in our Services relied on Service Housing due to the likelihood of being posted every couple of years but my Minister for Domestic Affairs took the long term view that the investment in a house was a good thing - and she was right.


David asserts, "Then there is 'The Donald' who does totally unpredictable better than anyone", for which he is congratulated by a knee-jerk with Trump-derangement syndrome. But if you pause for a moment and try to comprehend the meaning of David's assertion, does it make any sense to you?

Henry, it does sound like two different groups with one reaction? A qualifier seems to have been left out.

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