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Sunday, 23 April 2017


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That arrogance of the Labour party is exactly what our losing party is driven by. Even so, I sense that your Labour Party is still considered the "loyal opposition"? Not so our Democrats as we now see their colors once and forever.

David Cole is having a hard time it seems. Those of us who voted for Trump but are not exactly "America first" types or "Trumpeteers", did so to stop a third term of Obama. We did so for the good of the Supreme Court. We did so to erase Obama's toxic legacy which is being done bit by bit by Executive order. The major legislative stuff... Obamacare and tax reform will take longer and be much harder because the goal is to deliver an American style health plan, not a government style health plan. Same with the tax code which is a cobbled together mess of decades of loop holes, cut outs and set asides. For Rs who are not gifted speakers-I didn't hire them to talk. I hired them to act. We had a gifted speaker for 8 long years in the White House and we got treachery, betrayal and gangster government.

Trying to pin down where Trump stands is pointless. Just know he stands, in the end, for the United States. That alone is driving the traitorous insurrectionists in the "progressive" wing of the opposition party stark raving mad. A party now with only one wing it seems.

Le Pen might win? Maybe but can she form a government? I see an actual Communist has thrown his cap in the ring as well as a "moderate" from central casting. I thought Communists were supposed to be dead? A moderate...more likely a one leg duck. Just swims in a circle and the press will call it leadership.

David, seen this?

Via Mav Phil.

Thanks, JK, as always excellent good sense from Andrew Klavan.

David, thanks for the link to 'Takimag'.


JK, it's an amazing and downright hilarious feat of pretzel logic to blame O'Reilly's getting canned on 'the elitist left'. I've worked everywhere from factory floors to corporate offices. O'Reilly would have been fired from any of them a lot faster. He's been at it for years:

There's elite media star privilege for you.

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