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Sunday, 02 April 2017


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Well of all things to have to do on April Fools day, we spent the day out of town at a funeral. The weather was perfect.

The sun plays a role in warming or not warming? The object will surely come in for some heavy criticism.

About Malcolm Pollack's collection of skulls and has been cold in his part of the world too. Vitamin D may play a role as well. Unhinging the jaws might help the pile stay put?

Pyramids of skulls? Why not something more ... uhmm sporting, perhaps?

"Former US counterterrorism official Paul J. Murphy wrote that "One hundred Georgian soldiers were herded into the central stadium in Gagra where they were beheaded and their heads used as footballs in a soccer match."

David, sorry old boy but what any one of us believes about AGW is irrelevant at this point. There are plenty of other reasons to move to clean energy (particularly health effects), and the transition is already under way. For example, there are two huge wind farms within about 50 miles of where I live. There is also a large scale solar installation near Indianapolis International airport. Except for sorting out details and oil company propaganda the controversy is over.

Most of the reason Trump has an historically low approval rating is that Republicans have set up impossible and/or contradictory goals over the last 40 years. The only things they all agree on are that Democrats and liberals are always wrong, dishonest, stupid, evil, un-American and ugly. That might give wingers a thrill, but it's not much of a plan for running a country.

Well, JK, I hope the 'nasties' were wearing proper football boots - heavy things, heads!

I'm very happy for you, Bob, and I don't want any complaints about the cost and the lack of power when the wind fails to blow!

Even so, I suppose it's true that the Dems have never wavered in their desire for more government, more bureaucrats, more rule by 'diktat'!

"Even so, I suppose it's true that the Dems have never wavered in their desire for more government, more bureaucrats, more rule by 'diktat'!"

Socialism finally done by the "right people"!

"The Kraut" rule: Liberals think conservatives are evil. Conservatives think liberals are stupid. The two don't mix.

Eh Bob?

Remember t'other day me passing along the info that you'd won the Arkansas Lottery with me additionally mentioning you'd must go on that little birdhunt with Dick in Stuttgart Arkansas?

"UPDATE: The Arkansas Lottery confirmed this afternoon that the ticket was sold in Stuttgart, but a winner has not yet come forward to claim the prize. The ticket was purchased Thursday morning at the All Stop Valero at 408 East 22nd Street."

*Now please Bob all I'd ask is, you don't go yapping off that somehow ol' JK figured out a way to rig the results. I had trouble enough last year getting the ASP to renew my CCW - Only thing saved me was the FBI mentioning in its background report I'd held a TS/C clearance at some point in the past. Talk about possible rigging could cause headaches.

As always, JK, reading your comments is somewhere between trying to solve the Times' crossword and deciphering the Dead Sea Scrolls!

See here David. (The lottery drawing in which *the Stuttgartner* won wasn't "known" until 28 hours after my comment.)

First blood to the EU in the Brexit talks.

Actually, first, second, and third blood, a double Cannae, and a maneuver of the central position all in one. Blighty left looking stupid and resorting to sabre rattling.

It's pretty obvious that the EU has said to Spain "We'll let you veto the trade deal over Gibraltar in exchange for supporting Scotland's accession to the EU. And we'll never support Catalonian independence or accession to the EU - like we didn't encourage Scotland's independence or accession to the EU while the UK was in the EU".

The Spanish decided any aspirations the Catalonians have to independence and accession to the EU was suitably boxed in, and therefore having a pop at the Rock was a no brainer.

So the EU has pinned Blighty frontally with the realization that the EU simply doesn't care if there's no trade deal aka hard Brexit - they've happily let Spain decide the matter of whether or not a trade deal occurs.

And Spain will provide the southern pincer movement by sticking the Gibraltar knife into the Brexit proceedings.

Meanwhile Scotland is offered accession to the EU with no offence to Spain, thereby jabbing the northern pincer into Blighty's position at no detriment to EU / nation state solidarity.

And the dimwit Brexiteer response? Sabre-rattling - An admission that the diplomatic battle was lost before it hardly started.

As I've said many a time and oft: This is going to be a toe-curling humiliation and embarrassment. And it will likely disintegrate the UK.


Hello Lawrence. My memory isn't what it was, so remind me how long after Cannae was Rome rased to the ground and sown with salt.

BOE, was that an allusion to the mighty British armed forces that will come to the rescue if things get really pooey with the EU?

The armed forces whose modern destroyers are tethered to Portsmouth dock due to design failures in their engines, whose aircraft carriers are incomplete, part owned by France (now the stalwart of the enemy), and stocked with no aircraft (project for which likely to be cancelled), and whose ground forces lost the last two conflicts and couldn't hold a medium sized city in the ME without calling on the Yanks and local militia to rescue them.

Don Quixote wouldn't even need Sancho Panza to help him out - he could stick his pike in Gib and claim it as his fiefdom with no trouble whatsoever.


And if a full frontal assault and two flanks collapsing isn't bad enough, imagine what the EU and the Oirish are gonna get up to in Blighty's rear - all connotations included.

I mean, you have worked out what they're gonna do, right, the Euros and their diplomacy with the Paddies?

The end will come with the EU's diplomacy reference London.

I mean, you have worked out what they're gonna do, right, the Euros and their diplomacy with the Londoners?

One right through the spine of old John Bull.

On the subject of Bulls, what a pertinent metaphor the Spanish weekend hobby is, and how ironic it should be them that have it as their hobby: Pierced all around, the coup de grace skilfully applied to old John Bull, a merciful release for all concerned ...


David, you're probably familiar with batteries. Just try to imagine really big ones:

There are also other promising technologies for storing energy during off hours.



I'm not big on conspiracies, but you might have a problem with higher powers, especially since you were part of the intelligence community. Don't let Trump get hold of your conspiracy denial or he'll be tweeting it as another distraction.

I was alluding, as I am sure you realise, to the fact that in spite of their clever battle tactics, in the end, it was the Carthaginians who got well and truly stuffed.

Mr Toosk is like any other man charged with herding cats. There are a dozen elections in the next two years, presidential, national and provincial. Some of his cats will escape and one or two will be shot. Things will be different. All we have to do is keep our heads down and let them get on with it.

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