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Sunday, 30 April 2017


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Italian for "bring it on" - prendillo

Don't thank me - I Googled it.

David, what ever you do...don't let the Memsahib see your "saintly" halo. It will only make her feel worse!

Re Italy---Watch them banks!

G'day Whitewall. Our news services down here were full of some Trump Derangement Syndrome march or other tonight.

He is really pissing off the "regressives".

Duffers and Saintly? The man was a Para for goodness sake. Hardly renowned for their piousness.

Hi AussieD! Yes the derangement on the Left is setting in for the long haul. Seems so many of them are marching over the climate or something. Here in the South East, they were met with much warmer temps than normal--what most of us call weather.

Saint David, it's hard to see what you expect from Italy. You're probably referring to the 5-Star protest party. However:

'"We are not pro-Trump, we are not pro-Putin and neither are we anti-EU," says Alessandro Di Battista, one of 5-Star's most prominent parliamentarians. "We want a strong EU but we say it is depressing to see how it blindly follows the U.S. position."'

It's not their ridiculous politicians I am concentrating on, Bob, but as 'Whiters' reminds us, their banks!

David, all I could find is that 5 Italian banks have had a slight ratings downgrade and the French are in negotiations to buy 3 others. Don't forget to root against Greece and Spain while you're at it. Their economies and finances are still circling the drain too.

Rather I think, this might've been better placed on "The Monday Funnies" as it would appear our host has gone all saintly with his 'no more rumbles' and, seeing as how this side of The Pond, our Sunday Shows are making much-to-do over the so-called "Trump's First 100 Days."

H/T Mav Phil


Oh ... dear.

JK, David has given in to sainthood, but you seem to be struggling with the devil? Tornadoes last night?

Oh Whitewall!

I wasn't myself, personally, "real scairt" but ... near enough I reckon. Here's last night;

And Whitewall you're aware I'm "in proximity" to Missouri?

But fortunately, I got a helo at my disposal 'cause otherwise ... Well let me just say northern Arkansas' roadways are ... uhm can we agree on "problematic?"


Its been a adventuresome weekend My Friend. I emptied my Glenfiddich, my Famous Grouse and now I'm even unto my "Barney's Combination Sippin' Moon & High-Octane Pickup In-a-Pinch Rocket Fuel."

Purely medicinal I'm sure you understand Whitewall .. this gettin' elderly combined with The Big Squish of 2002 has left me a shadow of my former self. ... Generally speaking?


Thanx for that link about Chuck Schumer, anagrammatically Schmuck Cheur. "Cheur" is Old French for "chewer". "Schmuck" is a Yiddish word.

So Henry I done good by putting it up today rather?

(I'll have some time beginning tomorrow or so to properly get into my email. Attend to business I've been forced by circumstance to forego since about ... oh I dunno, nearabouts October or so. I'll get in touch when I get caught up .. may be a week or so. I'm returned to being a "proper civilian" with (hardly) no pressing responsibilities.)

JK, yes I know you are only a few minutes from Misery but those rural routes seem iffy in a pinch. I watched the NWS as those tornado lines formed. It's that time of year. We have to watch out here as well, at least through May.

Do any of your "medicinal" libations help with arthritis? The stuff seems to be migrating to my hands causing me to type some odd words on this Russian made keyboard.

Hang in there!


Owing to Michael Adams (of Texas, comments here often) anyway on his recommendation I tried out fish oil, this specifically

Which, worked pretty damn good I have to say. But then after some period, six or so months[?] owing in part to a crush injury I'd "enjoyed" in the early years of GWOT (and subsequent loss of tissue/muscle mass providing cushioning for my skeletal shit) I began to have issues with bruising.

VA since has had me taking Meloxicam™ which, while not as efficacious/ameliorative as the fish oil, seems to work pretty good.

But, stay active above all else.

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