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Tuesday, 04 April 2017


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God put that channel there for a reason. I have read that this Macron fellow is a French remake Of Tony Blair. Don't know if that is fair or not. He just appeared. France has a Muslim problem and the EU seems to be in the way of solving it.

Slight correction. Mme Le Pen may well blow up the EU, but Europe will be unharmed. Not so sure about France though, but she may solve some of France's problems which is better than nothing.

I am led to believe by a Francophile acquaintance of mine that Mme LePen has a new theme song

If so it is as well that the rest of Les Frogs cannot.

Don't know much about French politics, but watched an interview from a programme called I think Hard Talk with Marine Le Pen and was very impressed. Typical BBC disdainful interviewer, obviously thought he could engage in the usual smear tactics (sort of Of course, you're a racist, stuff) and she wiped the floor with him. Rather like a female Farage, straight answers and no BS.

I believe the presidential term is down to 5 years. It was changed by Chirac from 02 onwards.

Merci beaucoup, Monoi, and I have given myself a hundred lines as punishment - well, it beats the Bastille!

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