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Thursday, 25 May 2017


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Sandals yes, socks as well (particularly white ones) DEFINITELY NO!!!

Duffers on my first visit to the UK I was warned that even though it was "Summer" I should take my Watch Coat as it would be cold and wet - wrong advice. Warm, sunny and very Aussie Autumn like and while the Brits were fainting in the high 70F temps we were in shirt sleeves.

Been the same each time. I am beginning to believe that the "one day UK Summer" is just a charade to keep people away.

3 piece suit? Neck tie as well? Maybe something besides turtles will be sunning themselves today.

"White socks" - oh my Gaaaaard! What would Her Maj say?!

AussieD, you really should visit more often - we need you!

Of course a necktie, Whiters, if they're young, fit and handsome we want them well covered up!

Is this your manifesto, DD?

What is this nonsense?

No, no, Mike, if it was a manifesto it would promise sunshine forever!

'This nonsense', Henry, is what passes for English humour - yeeeeees, quite!

Hey Henry! It is subtle stuff here. Maybe look into buying a couple of the Doc Martin series which were set in Cornwall or better yet, a whole bunch of the original Midsomer Murders collection, set in what must be some of the very best places. It takes time and patience!

The death rate in Midsomer makes Chicago look downright peaceful, rather like Fallujah. Also, since the new writers took over a few years ago, all the murderers are religious fanatics, or retired clergy gone bad, or their families'.It's damned hard to get one's bearings in Opposite World.

all the murderers are religious fanatics

Not only in Midsomer

I have a feeling our host is still wandering a park in a trench coat and sandals looking for females who might want to see his "little friend"...

Scroll for the picture Aussie D (Whitewall? Set your beer down!)

JK, thanks for the warning! I'm officially traumatized!

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