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Sunday, 14 May 2017


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I was under the impression that the bail outs went (effectively) to German banks that had lent money to southern reprobates. No Greek benefitted, the Greek debt was simply transferred from German banks to a government organisation and is still payable.

Duffers, Mr Reilly may have convinced you and me, but not his commentators!

On a similar note, whenever I see a news item of someone swept away by a wave because they were too close I am reminded of the expression, "Do not love the sea too much; it doesn't love you back".

"Do not love the sea too much; it doesn't love you back".

Timbo having spent a goodly portion of my life upon it I can assure you that the sea is strictly neutral. We venture upon it on its terms - sometimes benign, sometimes hostile, but always its own.

A fan or a sucker? Neither. I stopped watching sports a while back. Too many over paid over indulged "athletes".

Congrats to SoD on his successful descent to earth...a nod to the parachute for doing its part to make it look so good!

What's up in America? Nothing. We are as usual. Now the Swamp in DC, that's another matter. The Dems and the MSM- but I repeat myself- are sinking deeper into the rabbit hole of mental illness. President Trump is being himself and the others are finally revealing themselves.

Mr. Blair is back? I guess he found a new greasy pole?

Sounds like a man-made artificial fibre.

Yes, Whiters, I can say definitely that the 'Memsahib' is deeply, deeply grateful to the parachute!

Will, welcome to D&N and you're right, 'macronite' sounds very tough and durable but 'we shall see what we shall see'!

Women boxing? Men boxing is bad enough but women? Trashy! I would just as soon watch dueling with single shot pistols.

David, what's happening over here is simple, really. The post war boom economy, to which we had become perhaps too accustomed, ended. "The elites" reacted by deciding the best bet for continued economic growth was globalism. That didn't help enough of "the people" soon enough, so "the people" decided all politicians, experts, and other elites were loathsome liars and cons (not without some justification). That resulted in them voting for an actual loathsome liar and con, based on his excruciatingly transparent denials, the creepiness of the other candidate, and a little help from his Russian friends. Problem is, the victorious loathsome liar and con doesn't understand the difference between being a 'B' list celebrity and the President of the United States of America, and thus hilarity ensues.

I suspect, Bob, that is a little simplistic - that's not a criticism, one can't write an economic thesis in one paragraph. If what you are saying is, in effect, 'the times they are a-changin'' and that are ruling class are unable/unsure as to what to do about it, then I think that is right. However, ranting about Trump will not be a cure, especially as the Dems have yet to indicate a candidate, let alone a policy.

David, where did you see a rant about Trump? I was quite above the usual standard here: "Quack, quack fake Kenyan, quack, quack horrible woman, quack socialists, quack, quack, quack etc."

"voting for an actual loathsome liar and con'



"a little help from his Russian friends"

You got any, perhaps, actual evidence of that? None other than DHS Chief Jeh Johnson (beginning at about 7:00) had this for instance:


In my humble opinion, what is happening in the good ol' U S of A is good ol' payback to the Demonrats. We had eight years of a POS fake potus trying to undermine everything good about America, the country he and his obnoxious fat-rump wife both hate. Now, those of us who love our country are enjoying a refreshing new sport -- watching 0baminoid heads exploding. It's better than fireworks on the 4th of July!

It is pretty doggone fun idn't it TheBigHenry?

Matter a fac I'm gonna express it in sheer plain Hillbillyianese if only for the the edifyingly fun.

I ain't had this much fun since the hogs et my little brother!

JK, nobody but nobody tells 'em like you!

Aw shucks David admit it!

With me hangin' aroun hereabouts you're (caution more hillbillyianese)

Shittin' in tall cotton!

Which, you got to admit is better'n shittin' in prickly pear.

Sheer poetry, JK!

Bloody hell! Trumped on the same day by 50 years, 5,000 feet, and more courage than I will ever have to find out I have or not - due largely to this gentleman and his mates sacrifices back 70 odd years ago ...

Anyway, here's the proof for those who coughed up ...

... and there's still time for those who haven't yet! :-)

Right you horrible little men (and women), if Verdun Hayes can do it at 101, why not you lot (only those who can trump Verdun's 101 get a valid leave note)?

Get your wrinkly botties up to 10,000 feet - or 15,000 if you want to give Verdun a run for his money - and tick it off your bucket list.

And if the thought of living in Brexit Britain is too much, just reach behind you on the way down, unfasten the four D-clips, and go out airborne styleee! ...

I thought about it, but the fun of seeing you lot squirm in Blighty-shite over the next decade or so "trumped the D-clips"!

Cheers y'all,

xox SoD

Ooops, wrong link ,the first one should be this, Verdun's jump ...

D&N spitting out Graun links no doubt! ...


Well done, SoD, and you even appear to be smiling!

A step ladder is high enough for me!

More than 2 steps and I call it quits.
However one year I made it half way up the Wallace monument in Stirling, and half way up Arthur's Seat in Edinburgh. It was the coming down that is always the problem. Well done Loz.


I've already linked original source material showing our intelligence services have concluded the Russians interfered in the election on behalf of Trump. As of yet there's no evidence he colluded, but that's not what I claimed.


"[A]n old rule that I’ve used with my intelligence officers over the years, whether in the military, or now, in the State Department, goes like this: Tell me what you know. Tell me what you don’t know. And then, based on what you really know and what you really don’t know, tell me what you think is most likely to happen.”

And yet Bob you insist [the entire intel apparatus] IC-services have concluded ... exactly and precisely ... what?

Trust "us" perhaps? And pray tell Bob, do you also trust the very same "us" who concluded WMDs were worth the last 14+ years, not to mention the unknown $squillions and counting, were, also worthy of the same level of trust that you'd have us count on now?

No dissenters at all out there Bob?

You interested in any real estate investments Bob? If so get a check out and make it payable to JK account #082...700 and mail it to the NFCU branch in McLean Virginia and I'll take care of making you a very wealthy man.

"Trust" me.


"We assess Russian President Vladimir Putin ordered an influence campaign in 2016 aimed at the US denigrate Secretary Clinton, and harm her electability and potential presidency. We further assess Putin and the Russian Government developed a clear preference for President-elect Trump. We have high confidence in these judgments."

There are dissenters including Trump and his toadies. What's your point?

JK, the selection from the report didn't copy correctly. It should read:

"Key Judgments

Russian efforts to influence the 2016 US presidential election represent the most recent expression of Moscow's longstanding desire to undermine the US-led liberal democratic order, but these activities demonstrated a significant escalation in directness, level of activity, and scope of effort compared to previous operations.

We assess Russian President Vladimir Putin ordered an influence campaign in 2016 aimed at the US presidential election. Russia's goals were to undermine public faith in the US democratic process, denigrate Secretary Clinton, and harm her electability and potential presidency. We further assess Putin and the Russian Government developed a clear preference for President-elect Trump. We have high confidence in these judgments."

The judgements could be partially incorrect, but considering the Russians have been at this in other countries for a long time, including the recent French election, there's good reason for "high confidence".

Thanks Bob,

Hmmm lemme see ... (thanks Bob for your punctuating) ... I note, "Key" and then the word Judgements. Hmmm ... is that right Bob; 'Judgements' rather than ... oh I dunno, "We assess with [as an example] 80 to 90% Confidence" that, "We could, in the best of worlds, differentiate our asses from other people's asses were we under the constraints (along with only those others we've "Judged to be capable of competently fooling us" for [some period of time] were *We & Those Others* to find ourselves in the same paper bag?"

You Bob ever been in a position where you'd have to make the distinction between a "Judgement" rather than say for instance "A Finding"?

(I can't know of course but, about the only regular commentor on here's D&N thats got the same near experience with my dictum "Get the job done, take care of your men, get some period of adequate rest then, prepare yourselves to do it all over again" would be ... Aussie D.)

Now I can't possibly say anything "judgmentally" about y'all NASA type engineers but I'm perfectly comfortable with, were I to find myself in a position wherein I'd be required to express my personal assessment of y'alls wherewithall

I could only say with 90% Confidence, "Who the fuck knows!?"


Really Bob?

"[B]ut considering the Russians have been at this in other countries for a long time."

I'm supposing you're "totally innocent" where making at least the littlest "Judgement" during the period of time Samantha Powers "overseeing the recent Ukrainian elections" carefully choosing her words or course, referred to Netanyahu saying, "He's a chickenshit!"

"The 1980s are calling, they want their foreign policy back" ring a bell Bob?

You're Bob, I'm to about a 70% Confidence familiar with the phrase, "Go tell the Spartans"?

As to A Finding Bob that, were I to utter "Go tell the Diem brothers" ... that'd be best left as a Judgement as opposed to a Finding.


But anyway Bob, I do not Know, is where ol' JK finds himself. If Bob, you're at 100% Confidence why then, don't you do us all D&N readers the courtesy of avoiding - at taxpayer expense - memory adjustments?

JK, you can split hairs and nitpick all you want. I am not a primary source and have not personally accused Trump of anything like James Clapper and others in the intelligence community have. After firing Comey and saying in an interview he did it to stop his being investigated about Russian ties, having a meeting in the Oval Office with Russians that we only know about through TASS because American reporters were barred, then it coming out he gave them highly classified information, Trump is impossible to defend. You're not doing yourself any favors by trying.


You are wasting your time trying to reason with him. His only interest is in baiting, at which he is a master.

No shit?

Well TBH ... sometimes I just can't help myself. So I bothered to read Bob's last.

As it happens I had an appointment at the VA this early (CST) morning over in the town that also boasts of sporting offices for Arkansas' DC congressional reps and since I was in town anyway ...

So as I happened to find myself across the desk from a guy who sits in on a sensitive, not for public dissemination committee (when he's not enjoying recess) but anyway the guy asks, "Hey JK you read today's paper? Whaddaya think?" Specifically and coincidentally surely, the article he was pointing toward had to do with Bob's assertion regarding "then it coming out he gave them highly classified information."

I opinionated then when asked my confidence I added "with 90+% confidence" that since the WP's authors' anonymous sources indicated that the foreign source of the "highly classified/sensitive" reputedly enjoyed insider access to AQ/IS that whoever it was had to cavort with Wahhabism and was probably enjoying an air-conditioned office someplace in the Riyadh foreign ministry's offices.

The guy as I was exiting his office asked me if I was still sure I didn't wish to leave Arkansas.

I assured him I'd be keeping my post office box but, Thanks anyway.

Why thanks, TheBigHenry and JK. However, what you see as baiting I see as "current events" as reported by actual news organizations. It's going to be fascinating to see if you ever admit reality and how you react. My guess is you never will and will instead blame the usual suspects: The MSM, "deep state", Democrats, liberals, Marx and Lennon (including Groucho and John), and anyone and anything besides Trump.

"I see as "current events" as reported by actual news organizations."

Well you would of course.

Of course. I'm totally in the tank for the huge contributions I get from every "reporter" in the system, which the Time article proves is entirely rigged. If only there were something like Fox News to counter all that.

Trump's campaign got over $800 Million from oil companies. By your logic it then follows that everything he says is true, right? Consider carefully JK, you're attempting to argue with a master baiter, which is not to be confused with a masturbator.

You're actually Bob, merely a tool for me.

You help me organize my mental files.

"Master baiter"? If you take it as flattering you in the process which blows your skirt, up its a small price to pay.

And besides what with our deficits and all, you're a bargain.

Okay Bob, you win. That make you feel better?

Glad to be helpful JK, but cheer up, I don't feel better. Maybe I've been grossly unfair and insensitive. Robert Mueller, among others, will eventually let us know.

What do you think now that we know it was Israeli intelligence that got burned?

"I hae me doots" as David has been known to say where the veracity if it being actually Israeli sourced Bob. You do recall the anons saying "insider access within AQ/IS"?

However I do agree with Professor Turley where Mueller's concerned.

Too Bob, you happen to keep up with the Israeli press? You seen much of that Outrage all "our experts" intimated would be be the certain result?

Oh yeah ...

Well, JK, I don't often follow Israeli news, but as far as I know Haaretz is credible:

and if not there are others. For example:

But you can surely find some right wing blog to smooth it all over.

Reckon Bob the Israelis are gonna deny Air Force One landing permissions?

I mean if they're so mad an' all ...

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