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Sunday, 21 May 2017


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And in 2020 the BBC is going to means test your free TV licence. However, the Christmas Bonus is safe!

Would you believe "that wedding" is occupying a great deal of screen time over here too?

That's OK, BOE, they only produce about one decent programme a year so I'll just buy the box-set.

I have it from an impeccable source, Whiters', that it is top viewing in Outer Mongolia!

So by Mr. Hitchens criteria, Mr. Trump's proposed visit to Britain would signal British ascendancy? As did Mr. Obama's? There may be a tiny flaw in the argument.

Well, actually, Pat, it was the vicar's daughter who broke all records in crossing the Atlantic to hold Donald's hand!

Peter is still Christopher's dullard brother. One indication:

"Mrs May’s Election manifesto is one of the most powerful and significant political documents of recent years. Written with style and force, it communicates a major change in British politics."

The man apparently has not read the "manifesto", is hopelessly partisan, disingenuous, or has not a skeptical bone in his body.

Compare it to Labor's manifesto which, whether you agree with it or not, actually contains some detail and is not simply blowing sunshine and rainbows up the reader's backside.

Hitchens is correct that Labor's tone is outdated, though in his opinion about a decade less so than it is here. However, younger people possibly won't hear it that way. If Tories plan to stay in power through civil psyops while riding roughshod over the general population, like our Republicans and "radical center Democrats", Labor might not seem so ridiculous in a decade or so.

Btw, the auto financing bubble is a problem here too. Our banks are still a shining example of hands across the water.

"Find that brolly fast! The Met Office is forecasting a heatwave - and we all know what that means!"

The Met Office's predictions are so reliable that the Association of British Insurers are reluctantly recommending increasing premiums because of the increased likelihood of storm damage. They are so sure of this they don't even have to wait for the damage to happen......

Bob, I can only conclude from your, er, 'analysis' of the two manifestos that you have read neither of them (nor me), or if you have, then you have understood neither of them!

Mike, you, too, are a very naughty boy and it will definitely 'rain on your parade'!

@DD and Mr. Xi's visit?
In truth international visits are determined by convenience. A yank, or a Chinaman might visit 28 European capitals in a week, because it's a lot of talks for one tour.
Don't mean they think Europe superior.
Any more than Edward vii thought India superior when he visited.

David, "I confess that at first I smiled but then I learned that the man had five children and so I gave myself a slap! What do you think?" Nothing less than two slaps will do!

"What do you [me] think?"

Well David, kiddies or not I'm reckoning taking Blue Tick Hounds out on an elephant hunt can only be thought - hillbilly thinking-wise - of something like a suicide mission. I'm figuring Whitewall very likely figures like I do. You're unfamiliar with Blue Ticks I take it David?

Theunis Botha Big Game Blues indeed.

David, I've read them both. While no expert on British politics, I know the difference between political advertising (propaganda) and an attempt at a discussion of issues.

You apparently don't like having your energy subsidy taken away but still don't want to consider anything Labor might have to say about it. It's the principle, you rationalize, not who gets more or less or whether it's in any way equitable or workable.

And before your likely reply, redistribution of wealth is not exclusively Marxist. Authoritarian, conservative, and rightist governments usually redistribute upwards. Plus ça change, plus c'est la même chose.


In the interest of clarity Ms Merkel is also a vicar's daughter. Be clear whom you are insulting.

Maybe I am just not the sympathetic type so I just can't feel sorry for the bloke who got squashed by the heffalump.

I see absolutely no reason for shooting heffalumps whatsoever save some wish to be as macho as a Hemingway novel.

If it is a matter of hunting for food that is different but killing for "sport" is sick.

Bob! You really you really and truly read both the Tory and Labour manifestos? You know, I worry about your social life!

I have to say that "that wedding" looked like almost every middle class wedding that I have ever been to. No doubt the fizz and the food were excessively pricy, but I'd be prepared to bet that the speeches were equally cringe-worthy, that some of the outfits worn were equally giggle inducing and that there was some serious misbehaviour with at least one one of the bridesmaids!

Good luck to the happy couple, I genuinely hope that the marriage goes well and doesn't end in tears a few years from hence, and may Pippa Middleton at last fade into the obscurity that she so richly deserves.

Yes, Richard, that about sums it up - and I gather from reports in 'The Daily Muck' that the Best Man's speech reached the sort of cringe-inducing awfulness that one expects on these occasions.

David, I'm a little younger than you but probably not enough to make much of a difference in social life. We do still have close friends and family, but they certainly tend to "thin out" in various ways over time.

You read a lot of military history. Trying to get a feel for Western politics in general is an interest of mine. D&N is helpful, thank you.

Bob, I'm not sure you will get much of a feel for Western politics here, more like the grunt 'n' grumble of a crotchety old man!

David, crotchety old men are a major part of any political constituency, and you link stuff I'd never read otherwise.

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