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Tuesday, 06 June 2017


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Very easy a British bacon sarnie to be eaten by every immigrant, even Ed Milliband tried one.

No good pussyfooting around Duffers. Sharia law and the tenets of Islam are incompatible with a liberal democratic Western State and its fundamental principles.

The sooner the Pollies get a grip on that the better.

"these Islamist lunatics are not a threat to the structure of our state". Are you sure about that? If the structure stands but its vital organs have been eaten away by generations of Leftism and now Islam and its gradual imposition of Sharia law, then what use are the Pols? As long as the Pols are protected and kept safe from what the population has to endure...all they will do is "think" and worse, they will then begin to talk and talk. They will tell you and all of us throughout the West to be tolerant, and not to engage in ---phobia. Some Pols are speaking the truth about Islam and what do they get? Speaking truth today can be a radical act, sometimes punishable by the very same governments that are supposed to protect us who are not secure and safe.

6th June...has a familiar ring to it.

David, you're absolutely correct. Toleration of intolerance is rightly limited in democracies.

You've summed up the problem David - "and here I realise I am stepping onto ultra-sensitive ground -”.

While it remains ultra sensitive, we cannot discuss the issues. Talk is the only other option to violence, but it must be free speech, the freedom to offend, the freedom to be offended. The freedom to realize when you are wrong, as well as the other person. Not to be told loudly that you *are* wrong and that you are an evil person for thinking that the other person is wrong, or for hurting the fee-fees ("Punch a Nazi" anyone?).

I am so tired of the left - look at Evergreen University, look at Bill C16, look at Antifa - in London, FFS! - and now we're seeing the birth of Kekistan, which seems to be a new cult, and I always fear cults as much as I identify with what they are saying and why. If you push feelings of resentment underground, if you stifle through the law, it will burst out in other ways which are uncontrollable. May wants to censor the internet which is useless (the article from the Beeb, of all people, states clearly that one of the terrorists was not influenced by the internet at all) and Corbyn has no solution at all. He's probably listening to our Mayor. None of our parties know what to do, except to be tolerant.

I've had enough. I'm going to go and clean my room.

All of our parties know what to do - they just won't do it!

Guns. Please. Now!

Keep calm and carry on? Keep calm, and carry one!

H/T Maverick Philosopher


"However, it is worth keeping in mind that nearly 2,000 people a year are killed in traffic accidents on our roads and roughly 25,000 seriously injured. In other words, what I am saying is that these Islamist lunatics are not a threat to the structure of our state."
You are conflating, as is frequently done in the media, two very different forms of mayhem -- tragedy and travesty. The former is regrettable. The latter is reprehensible. The former is met with sorrow. The latter should be met with outrage!

Jesus the terrorist ...,_but_a_sword

... And Joseph Kony and the Lord's Resistance Army 2000 years later ...

Even Lady Liberty had her moment of madness in France. Well 23 years of madness and a million plus lives later, actually.

Every idea with a power base shits its pants at some point in history, putting the rest of us on nappy duty.

Now just happens to be Islam's turn.

Boring, snoring really, Sans-Culottes, Bader-Meinhoff, Stern Gang, Hairies.

Kinda fake news, really. I mean Yank toddlers kill more Yanks than terrorists do ...


Oh, and I've thought of a really cool way of funding the security services in Blighty and preserving the world's endangered species.

You know those see you next Tuesdays who trek off to Africa to shoot lions and elephants? Well, what you do is grant them a two week permit to hang around any bridges they choose over the river Thames in London with their hunting rifles, and in the event anyone pulls out a knife screaming "This is for God" or whatever, they can let rip. 8 minutes before the cops arrive, so plenty of time for as many shots as it takes.

These guys pay £50k or more to give the lions and elephants what for, what price two weeks Hairy-Hunting? £100k?


Big H.
Terrorism is nothing more than snuff theatre performed before a global audience. Statistically, the casualties are less than a mosquito bite. The victims are also - with rare exception - little people of zero importance, both to their nations and to the World. Like all good drama though, audience reaction is everything and the Media's insistence on bringing all the blood-spattered details into our living rooms forges the terrorists' most potent weapon. Publicity is all.


Not every issue confronting civilized society is amenable to numerical analysis, let alone numerical solution. What you have in your midst is a blight on Blighty that should not be simply factored into your cost of living.

That good ol' stiff upper lip response is inappropriate in the face of foreign-organized terror. It demands the form of response that someone like Churchill would advocate -- "Never give in, never give in, never, never, never, never - in nothing, great or small, large or petty - never give in except to convictions of honour and good sense."


Comparing a dozen or so murders, not to mention 3,000 murders, to a mosquito bite is the sort of flippancy I would normally ignore. But in a thread such as this one, it is deserving of contempt.


Sort of off topic but interesting

Allowing mass Muslim immigration is the stupidest and most irreversibly self-destructive thing that any Western nation can do.

Thank God that my father, who grew up in London, and who as a fourteen-year-old lived through the Blitz, didn't live to see his ancient city and people come to this: unmanned by a suicidal delusion of universal human goodness and sameness, prostrate and groveling in their own island before an alien and ancient foe that, as it always has, seeks nothing less than their subjugation or extinction.

England is a cut flower. Watch it wither.

... and just be glad I didn't tell you how I really feel!

Amazing, really, American misplaced angst and dangerous blind spots.

I remember the book "Bonfire of the Vanities" and the author's highlighting of the blind spot Americans have for children, excusing their every misdemeanor, lauding even their failures, kid gloves indeed. The scene was a middle class couple merrily hosting a dinner party with high-flier friends, when the door opens and little Johnny, the hosts' young son, waddles in pulling his toy trolley, on which is standing a fresh and perfectly formed turd. Not one of the guests commented on it, instead only the ritualized gushings of "isn't he adorable!", etc., etc.!

And little Johnny and his mates are massacring Americans at a faster rate than the Hairies, and scarcely a word against little Johnny and his mates, while the Hairies get all the bile!

Isn't there a psychobabble term for this: Anxiety "misdirection", or "displacement", or some such?


..and your point is SoD?

Realize that by audiencing and sensationalizing terrorism you are doing what the terrorists want you to do.

Realize that the terrorist is the MSM and Social Media's best friend. MSM & SM are the venues for the terrorist artists' "snuff theatre performed before a global audience" (cracking one liner, Richard!)

Get some proportion. Mosquitos and yank kids are a bigger threat to you than Hairies.

Read Richard's comment for a better and more detailed explanation.


"snuff theatre performed before a global audience"...well, as a coping mechanism, I suppose that is as good as any. If just coping is the goal.

mosquitoes and yank kids are bigger threats

Mozzies can be eradicated by DDT which, despite the histrionics of the rabid greenies, has helped to preserve third world lives from some truly nasty diseases.

Muzzies who choose to emulate their idol Mo can also be eradicated by a number of means.

Because something is a "bigger threat" does not mean you ignore the lesser threat. Your argument will probably not get much support among the relatives of those killed by your "lesser threat".

The cousins can look after their own progeny.

Aussie D, very interesting article from Mosaic about the Balfour Declaration, thanks.

Big H
To a city of 8 - 9 million souls, brutal is it might sound, 30 - 40 casualties is actually considerably less than a mosquito bite. That in no way lessens the outrage felt when these incidents happen. As I write this, I read that three Asian girls shouting Allahu Akbar have just knifed a nursery teacher and that the Police seem to be trying to brush it under the carpet...

Now that DOES make me angry!!!

A long term, non-punitive measure would be to require all religious instruction, written, spoken or sung, be given in English. At the same time we could strengthen and apply the laws on incitement. Finally, we could make illegal foreign funding of religious activities in this country.

"Amazing, really, American misplaced angst and dangerous blind spots."
Hyperbolic incoherence may be somewhat amusing, but it is seldom persuasive.

I wouldn't characterize Robert's, Malcolm's, and my own remarks in this thread as expressions of angst. Perhaps bewilderment at and contempt for your willingness to simply write off, as the cost of living, something that sane Americans are outraged about in our own country. But not angst.

Speaking for myself, I don't really give a shit if you can take these terrorist attacks in stride while you rant about Brexit. Everyone is entitled to their own delusions.

Keep calm and carry on ...

Right, right, no cause for alarm. How could any rational person have any objections? It's all just a little "theatre". (Mind the flying limbs, please; it's all part of the show.)

And after all, in return for: a few people slaughtered at random every few weeks; rape-grooming rings preying on young girls; loss of social cohesion; colonization of whole neighborhoods and towns and the displacement from them of Jews and gays and eventually everyone else; destructive political polarization; round-the clock video surveillance of every public place and monitoring of all communication; defacement and disfigurement of beloved landmarks by concrete barriers; militarization of the police; soldiers with assault rifles at every transportation hub and tourist attraction; Israeli-style security checkpoints at sporting events and concerts; suppression of dissent by aggressive criminalization of forbidden opinions; steady erosion of ancient British norms and traditions; an ever-increasing burden on the health, education, and welfare systems; accelerating demographic replacement of an indigenous people in their own tiny homeland and a colossal failure of stewardship that will make future generations of ethnic Britons curse your generation's bones, and would make your British forebears who have fought and died for throne and hearth rise up in fury from their graves -- you get what, exactly?

Shawarma, it seems, and a secular postmodernist's only chance at salvation through atonement.

What a deal!

Yes, Malcolm, but what would you suggest we do?


I am quite certain that Malcolm can answer for himself. But I will take the opportunity to answer your question for myself.

The first thing I would suggest you do is to get a clue that welcoming swarms of religion-based fanatical murderers into your civilized society is insanity. Once you have come to grips with the fact that these people are not your friends, that they are indeed trying to kill you, then you can begin to institute measures to activate a net outflow of the people who have no interest in adopting your well-established life-enhancing traditions.

"Keep calm and carry on" is equivalent to Einstein's definition of insanity -- insisting on repetition of an activity in the hopes of getting different results.

Allow the British people to speak their minds in public without fear of reprisal from any official investigation. The public needs to disregard any form of speech suppression by governments--county, town or national. I mean break the law in that regard. Do it en mass and everyday.

Make Anjem Choudary's 5 year sentence a life sentence in isolation from all outside contact and anyone who has less than a life sentence. Any mosque associated with him- bulldoze it, plant or build something quintessentially English on the spot. Are there "no go zones" in London? Organize the armed police and coordinate with the military to make them "ok to go zones" for everyone.

Identify publicly all the elected officials and police who looked the other way while Muslim men raped young girls repeatedly. People need to go in large numbers to the homes of these cowards and occupy their lawns and bring signs of condemnation. Hound them without mercy. Do the same for any new cases of cover up, which are bound to be discovered soon. If the people get fed up enough to act, leaders will begin to follow.

David, when I said "irreversibly self-destructive" I chose my words carefully; as Tony Soprano once said, "you can't put the shit back in the donkey".

But what Henry said:

"The first thing I would suggest you do is to get a clue that welcoming swarms of religion-based fanatical murderers into your civilized society is insanity. Once you have come to grips with the fact that these people are not your friends, that they are indeed trying to kill you, then you can begin to institute measures to activate a net outflow of the people who have no interest in adopting your well-established life-enhancing traditions."

...and everything that Whitewall said just above -- particularly about disregarding any form of speech-suppression by governments -- would be a good start. You won't solve this problem until you can at least acknowledge that there is a problem.

For a start: immediately suspend all Muslim immigration. Refuse to deflect Britain's moral norms and legal system one more inch toward the massive gravitational core of Islamic culture, and try as best you can to reverse the distortions that have already happened. Abolish Shariah courts. Create incentives, including financial incentives, for doctrinaire and poorly assimilated Muslims to repatriate themselves to Muslim-majority nations. (It will be money well spent.) Refuse readmission to Muslims who have gone overseas for training or combat in jihad.

These are not impossible things. but they require a collective will, and a sense of identity, duty, and stewardship, that has yet to emerge. I believe it will, before much longer -- but the longer the West waits, the worse the reckoning will be when it comes.

The real historical tragedy is that it didn't have to be this way. This is the future that a generation of feckless leaders -- with the tacit compliance of a big-hearted, well-meaning, and mild-mannered people -- have chosen.

AussieD, I have just finished the piece you highlighted from 'Mosaic'. Absolutely fascinating and a real education for this particular 'goy'!

Henry and Malcolm, I need a little time to think about your various proposals and I will respond, eventually, in a new post.

SoD's final solution: -

(1) Free airfare (and luggage) to the ME for all jihadists.

(2) Extra flights to the ME laid on by a state funded (yes, I know, but every rule's gotta have an exception) airline, maybe called "Martyr Charter", or something purposeful and eye-for-an-eye-catching.

(3) No frontline boots on the ground in ME. Possible exception Special Forces and any training needs they might have.

(4) A change of POTUS / PM every 5 years to ensure we back one side and then the other, causing the ME war to rake back and forth across the length and breadth of the ME.

(5) Take the Muslin ordinaries fleeing conflict, split them up across the West, and make sure they get to see the "snuff theatre for a global audience" beamed out of the ME morning, noon, and night, to re-enforce why they came here. And place "Martyr Charter" adverts right next to the articles, so any of their offspring who get any funny ideas know exactly what to do and where to go - see 1 and 2 above.

Then give it a few decades, maybe a century, and problem solved.

And whatever casualties we get during that period, you can guarantee it'll be the least worst of any other option, and less than American kids and mosquitos. Which is the best you can do in war.



1), 2), 3) : Excellent. "Martyr Charter"! Top-notch.

4) Not so sure about that one. I've no problem with the Ummah being encouraged to diminish its own numbers, but given that the West has a conspicuously compromised immune system regarding soi-disant "refugees", who needs more of them?

5) No, thanks. What good does that do us?

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