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Tuesday, 27 June 2017


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Yesterday was pretty good all round for the Constitution. It is fair game to disagree with the executive branch if a court wants to, but not from the current judicial insurrection point of view of too many lower courts. In the major case, being the "travel ban", the 9th Circus Court was given a well deserved bitch slap in the form of a stay, 9-0. I would like to see it broken up once and for good. I agree about Ginsberg and Anthony Kennedy as well. It would be icing on the cake to replace both with proper Conservatives.

The Church/Missouri case has more reach and can restore sanity against secular progressive over reach in cultural matters.

Meh. In another generation or two most American churches will probably be wards of the state like many in Europe:

What WW said (in the first paragraph).

In the second paragraph, "overreach" is one word (as it is in all other paragraphs :)

Henry, "overreach" is one word...except when a gentleman-like me- is aiming his fork past others for the last piece of fried chicken on the platter.


Be careful over reaching for the last piece of fried chicken. You might get forked in the process!

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