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Sunday, 04 June 2017


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Dr. doubt the inventor of that world famous ward robe staple, the bra?

The worst thing about Corbyn is that he was once Diane Abbott's ... no, I can't say it ... skinny white guy, fat black woman ... dear god, bleach out my brain.

I think, Whiters, it was the 'Obrama'! Anyway, he has much to answer for!

Dom, do not go there, for the sake of your mental health!

Did you see Guido's passage from the Guardian of 1996:

In 1996, the Guardian wrote this about Jeremy Corbyn in a blistering leader column:

“Every few years, the London Labour MP Jeremy Corbyn indulges his romantic support for Irish republicans by using his parliamentary privileges to give them a publicity platform. These occasions always also provide a showcase for Mr Corbyn’s abiding qualities: his lack of wider political and moral judgment, his predilection for gesture politics, his insensitivity to the feelings of most Londoners and his indifference to the policies of his party… Mr Corbyn’s actions do not advance the cause of peace in Northern Ireland and are not seriously intended to do so. It is surprising that a politician as clever and important as the Sinn Fein leader should be bothered with him. Grown-up people ought to keep this childish sideshow in perspective. Mr Corbyn is a fool, and a fool whom the Labour Party would probably be better off without.”

Needless to say, the Guardian now endorse him.

Well, Mike, I suppose you have to go back over 20 years to find something sensible in 'The Graun'!

Probably the only thing Emanual could do to placate black voters would be resign. If that type of misstatement makes him dumb where would that place Trump?

Diplomad has a timely piece on the "Climate Agreement" we are now mercifully out of. He even encloses the text of the "hand job"...I mean Agreement which few have ever bothered to read.

Well today's June 4th idn't it?

"'Hizzoner' is that rarity in life, a truly dim, dumb Jew!"
Would that it were so simple, David. When it comes to mathematicians, physicists, economists, violinists, pianists, air force pilots, tankers, secret service agents, and military commanders they are peerless.

When it comes to politicians, however, the expression "useful idiots" was coined for them. Thus, we have been plagued by the likes of "Rahm it up your ass" Emanual and the ever deplorable "Chuck it up your ass" Schumer, AKA Schmuck Chuer.

Thanks for that, JK.

Henry, 'you're a poet and you don't know it'!


But my legs show it because they are Longfellows.

Agree with you, Gaffer, on this one: There is no amount of wrong the Don could do to outweigh the right he has done by rejecting the Paris Accord.


Trump gets it wrong again.
The US can't quit the agreement.
The US never joined. (Obama is even dumber!)
Actually this sort of item is why lawyers get rich.


"The US never joined. (Obama is even dumber!)"
Are you saying that 0bama, the so-called "Constitutional scholar" and "smartest of all useful idiots", is actually dumber than the average community organizer?

Well TheBigHenry ... One would think so wouldn't one?

From the Harvard Law Review:

"Article II, Section 2 of the Constitution gives the President the power “to make Treaties, provided two thirds of the Senators present concur.”

And then this:

Answer your question?

Yes, JK, it answers my question, although it was rhetorical.

I am painfully aware that he is dumber than a box of rocks. But he is a master slimeball who managed to bamboozle enough low-information libruls to win the presidency. Twice!

That is the sad truth about our society -- there are enough worthless freeloaders to put a scumbag like 0bama into the White House.

"victory for America against Japan."
Try looking up the 'forgotten army' in Burma. Remember Kohima etc.

Further to John M's post try;

"From Defeat into Victory by Field Marshall Sir William Slim is a good read.

He became a Governor General of Australia.

The problem is that only pensioners know what left wing Labour governments are really like; the younger electorate are gullible unfortunately, only remembering New Labour.

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