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Sunday, 25 June 2017


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You do know that you can pay for the operation yourself rather than waiting for the NHS to get round to it?

...and just what were you up to that resulted in a hernia Duffers?

Mowing somebody's lawn?

David, good to see you back, if only at flank speed. In your honor, I shall feel free to leave now for a day of bass fishing!

Time for a detachable ...

Or of you can hang on until Q4, Microsoft should be bringing out the device I've been waiting for for two decades.

It's a folding screen phone with the power of a PC. It attaches to keyboard, mouse, pen, and big screen when required to behave like a PC. So you can plug it in to keyboard, mouse, pen, and big screen for the same experience you currently have with your breeze block under the desk today. And when you're lolling about in bed or on the sofa, you fold out the folding screen to tablet size for surfing the net and dropping there-and-then inspired nuggets into the comments sections (I.e. trolling).

It's called the "Surface Phone". Type it into google and switch to the news tab to keep up with the leaks and rumours.

If it does what it says on the tin it might spell the end for Apple iThingies and Google Androids and all their one trick ponies.


Just noticed some recent news, it might be called a "Surface Note" ...

Look at that effing amazing folding screen.


Oh, and ref the hernia, Fluffbun has a suggestion / offer to avoid the NHS queue or private cost.

A bottle of Slivovice and her sewing machine. As follows: -

You drink the bottle Slivovice, which, as we all know, means you won't feel a thing.

Then she tucks you up and stitches you up good 'n' proper. A bit like you did for her on June 23rd 2016 (well it rhymes with tucks anyway) ... :-)


Corbyn and the hard left's Achilles heal will be this of course ...

The unions know that hard Brexit will be a disaster for Blighty and their members. They've been doing very nicely thank you - tube train drivers on £50k and 60 days holiday plus unlimited no-questions-asked sick days - even they don't want a return to 70's Britain!

If New Labour can form an alliance with the unions on a progressive, pro-EU platform, the Labour party might be able to enact its constitutional reforms necessary to kick the Marxists out.

The unions would have to move a titchy bit to the right, and New Labour a titchy bit to the left, to form a mid-left progressive movement. This mid-left reform and re-brand of Labour would have broad appeal to Brit voters ...

(1) Soft Brexit - the majority of Brit voters
(2) Progressive mid-left - newly activated and politicized "youf" voters
(3) Progressive alliance with SNP, Lib / Dems

That would provide the majority needed to confine the hard right / hard Brexit and hard left nutters to the periphery they deserve.

The conservative party would have to break May's embrace of Ukipper / BNP territory to merely survive. They'll take decades to re-enable a Dave & George "heir to Blair" couple, coz it'll take a generation to forgive and forget this mess they've construed.


David, Sorry about your multiple separations. Stiff upper lip old boy.


SoD, Don't expect Apple or Android to go away. Most people have no idea how overpriced or easily hacked those things are. Windows 10 is almost as bad for privacy, but at least the built-in spyware can be turned off for now.

On the subject of IT:


I feel, or rather felt your pain.

Remind the surgeon to sharpen his knife first.

After a month or so the Memsahib will have a fully functional handyman.

Get well soon!

@ Jim: What can I say, Jim, except 'buddy can you spare a dime?' Actually, the hospital services round here are pretty good and in fact one of them is privately owned and sub-contracts to the NHS. No doubt at vast expense but, hey, you can never do enough for an old age pensioner like me!

@ AussieD: If only I could remember and given the minimal number of 'labouring' jobs I do round her, you would suppose I could!

@ WW: I hope they leap out of the water at you!

@ SoD: As you know better than anyone, it has taken me years to master all the 'do-flicker-thingies' that operate my steam-driven computer, I really don't think I could manage a new one!

@ Bob & Hank: Thank you, Gentlemen.

Eh ... Bob, from your link?

"In Illinois, more than 90% of the nearly 90,000 records stolen ..."

So we're to believe Illinois hasn't a record of hanky-panky where sometimes even the dearly departed ... fill in the blank.

But then there's this:

"No one contacted for this story said they had seen evidence that the stolen, private, data had actually made its way to the Trump campaign. ... None of the intrusions affected the vote count itself, all the officials testified. ... There’s no evidence they were able to affect the counting within the machines,” says the top Democrat on the House Intelligence committee, Congressman Adam Schiff of California. ... As far as officials have been able to determine, the number of actual successful intrusions, where Russian agents gained sufficient access to attempt to alter, delete or download any information, was less than a dozen.

You've heard of Stuxnet Bob? Familiar with the difficulty of firmly attributing any cyber intrusion?

A Primer:

David, any chance there's a second-hand women's clothing store nearby? Reason I ask is, I've queried and found you a simple answer - get one of them old-fashioned women's girdles.

Sorry to hear about your hernia. Maybe some repressed thoughts on Corbyn got in the way? Here we had Zapatero. He was less dangerous because he is totally dumb and even so he did quite a damage.

Nver mind about the operation. I had just the same when I was half your age now (yes, always ahead of my time) and it's really a very minor intervention. They did't even put me to sleep.

Suerte y al toro, as we used to say here (now it's not very PC).

Take it easy and nurture your sense of humour.

Oh and too Bob,

Turns out there were some "irregularities in the voting" ... and no surprise I suppose ... it turns out to've been in the Illinois-neighboring state of Wisconsin.

"Wisconsin completed a 10-day recount financed by the Stein campaign on Monday, resulting in an increase in Trump’s lead over Hillary Clinton from 22,617 to 22,748 votes."

Pesky Russians I suppose?

Perhaps a vet would be a better bet?
Get well soon,

Sorry to hear this. Always feel it's one of those ailments lurking in the wings to punish me for my lifestyle, but I suspect you deserve it much less than I. Hope you're soon better.

(I've read Anthony Burgess, Stanley Wells and Bill Bryson on Shakespeare,so will be interested in your discovery.)


Sorry to hear about your hernia. As a friend, I advise you to get whatever medical attention you need ASAP. If you can not afford to pay for it, get a loan or take up a collection. Don't lie around suffering if you can do something about it. Life is precious and limited in duration.

Also, your son is correct in advising you to get a laptop. They can't be much more expensive than a lawn mower. Stop being a technology wuss. I have it on good authority that you can teach an old dog new tricks.

Wake up and smell the coffee!

@ JK, odd you should mention girdles because my 'quack' reminded me that 'back in the day' they used to advertise trusses for gentlemen suffering with hernias. Actually, she taught me that one way to ease the pain is to lay on the bed and using your fingertips gently press the bulge upwards - and it works, well, for a while!

@ Ortego: I will check out your Spanish saying on Google Translate tomorrow. Alas, I don't know much about Snr. Zapatero but I can tell you that Mr. Corbyn (and his gang) are not only stupid but very dangerous!

@ Richard: thanks and I will e-mail you privately tomorrow.

@ Uncle Mort: Happily I don't need a truss for my sense of humour!

@ Mike: I am about halfway through and soon I will be boring you all on the marvels of this book!

@ Henry: Don't worry, stories of the iniquities of our NHS are sometimes exaggerated. In this particular area they offer a pretty good service. To be fair, SoD dragged me kicking and screaming into the 21st century but, dammit, he will not leave me alone so every couple of years he insists on 'up-dating' me and I wish he would just leave me alone. Whatever happened to good ol' Microsoft XP?


I'm on SoD's side on this one. "Updating" is not the correct term -- we are advocating upgrading your connection to the internet from a clunky desktop, which is not portable, to a sleek laptop, which is. A laptop can be used in your attic, living room, den, bedroom (in your bed if you wish), bathroom, car (if someone else is driving), and anywhere else you happen to be within the civilized world.

Bad news Duffers stiff upper lip and I hope you'll be back on top form soonest

Bad news Duffers stiff upper lip and I hope you'll be back on top form soonest

Absolute, total and complete, plagiarism!

I'm straight on to my lawyers, "Soo Grabbit and Runne" ...

Some quotes will remind you of what you first heard from me a year ago ...

"It was always the elites who chafed most against EU authority. The unauthorised transfer of powers from Westminster to Brussels is most keenly felt by those accustomed to wielding power."

Spot on. You did the elites bidding by voting Brexit.

"What they never considered was the possibility that Britain might leave the EU only to embrace radical socialism. Brexit seems to have thrown all sorts of taboos out of the window and Conservatives now find themselves in a pitched battle to save capitalism. Who could have predicted that the anniversary of the referendum would be greeted by Corbyn-mania at Glastonbury? Who considered that Brexit Britain wanted to be neither Singapore nor little England, but Greece?"

I predicted exactly that a year ago.

And you can't deny it because you've spent the last year saying I was wrong and moaning about me repeating the prediction ad nauseum.

And this is the corker ...

"In 1846, tired of Vienna’s supremacy, a group of Polish landowners tried to re-establish an independent Polish state. They gathered their forces and marched into Galicia, a Habsburg territory that straddles modern-day Poland and Ukraine, hoping to rally the peasants to their cause.

But instead of joining the nobles, the peasants massacred them. The violence was so bad that Vienna intervened to protect the rebels. What the lords had failed to realise is that, to the Galician peasants, the reformist Habsburg Empire offered the prospect of emancipation. Local rule meant continued serfdom and forced labour."

Business, the unions, and the majority of ordinary Brits don't want Gulag Britain, "serfdom and forced labour". Only the hard left, hard right, hard Brexiteers, and elites i.e. the statist, authoritarian nut jobs, want it.

Beware the counter-revolution from the Liberty loving ordinary people who might rise up and crush you so violently that you'll only be spared by the very institution you despise.

The greatest irony always proves the point.


So, you seriously think our salvation lies in Berlin-Brussels? What are you on? And this early in the morning! Stick around, SoD, I have a post fermenting in my head for later this morning!

JK, What's your point, that Russia hacking into our election system is no big deal?

Nope Bob,

More along the lines of IF it was actually the Russians because primarily that "Confidence Level" and secondarily, all the ephemeral/ever-changing "evidence" We the People are in receipt of has come via, "Sources familiar but unwilling to speak on the record .. Unnamed sources confirm .. Congress Critters allege .." etc.

Might surprise you Bob but, I've taken to streaming The Rachel Maddow show. On the June 21st show she spent the first half of the segment ridiculing Oliver Stone's watching Putin himself showing Oliver footage from Putin's [I-Phone?] purportedly featuring what Vlad said was footage of Russian planes attacking over Syria which, Rachel then went on to *explain* was actually US warplanes over Mosul .. "What complete idiots the Russians are!"

Then concluding the final half of the segment, "What geniuses the Russians are for hacking our elections!"

That kinda stuff Bob. Sickens me to put it plain.

I don't watch Rachel Maddow, but what else would you expect? How about the word of all our intelligence agencies?:

Well. Thank you very much Bob;

"However, we are not now in a position to attribute this activity to the Russian Government. The USIC and the Department of Homeland Security (DHS) assess that it would be extremely difficult for someone, including a nation-state actor, to alter actual ballot counts or election results by cyber attack or intrusion."

Mighty comforting that. Appreciations aplenty Bob. Perhaps you'll be so kind as to forward your link to Mr. Mueller? "Pathfinder" Adam Schiff? WaPo and the NYT? Rachel Maddow?


Sure, JK, it was Russians, but that nice Mr. Putin had nothing to do with it:

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