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Thursday, 13 July 2017


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Glad all is well with you. And good to have you back or should that be nice to see you have returned?

And a speedy recovery Duffers.

David, it's good to see you are able to sit up and take nourishment! Now no lifting anything heavier than a tea cup...a full one.

I had a double hernia fixed about 40 years ago. In the next bed to me was a young farmer. He had had his hernia fixed, but two weeks later tried to lift a straw bale. Which is why he was in the next bed!

Good advice, Whiters, and I'll quote you to the 'Memsahib'!

BOE - a DOUBLE hernia!!! My God, what were you lifting? Don't tell me you had to load your own bombs into your aircraft! Anyway, I have absolutely no intention of lifting anything heavier than the morning paper!

Glad to hear it.

Glad the NHS managed to put your stuffing back in place, David.

For several years, at my annual medical, the Dr told me I would have to get fixed. Then one day, I was flying Cyprus-UK in a Vulcan and the Nav Plotter ruptured himself. He had been putting things off and then it went. He was wearing an immersion suit on top of two other flying suits, so all he could do was press things back into place. We had an ambulance waiting on the ground at Scampton, but he had two hours of agony. Within weeks I was in an RAF hospital getting sorted out.

Welcome back, David. And for goodness sake, lift with your leg muscles, not with your groin. Er, you do know the difference, don't you?

I am glad to hear that all is well again. Of course I have been offline for a few days, so I am just hearing about all the brouhaha.
It was kind of you to do this while I didn't know about it so that I was spared the worrying and wringing of hands.
Have a speedy recovery you dear old grump!

Excellent news. I hope you returned with lots of hospital jokes.

Glad to see you're back. Do you remember the classified ads in the newspapers, such as the Manchester Guardian when it was still a real newspapers? They offered trusses and other weird and wonderful things for coping with a hernia. Complete with illustrations.

Good to have you back - just relax and don't ring the damned bell too much.

Get well soon. From personal experience, recovery will take about two weeks (tell the tea lady three weeks though :-)).

Off topic, but ...

In 2002 the BBC conducted a nationwide poll to select the "100 Greatest Britons." Of course, Winston Churchill came in first. Princess Diana came in third(!), followed by Charles Darwin, William Shakespear, and Issac Newton.

But do/can you know/guess who came in second? No fair using Google.

Yikes, left off trailing "e" on Big Bill the Bard's last name!

TBH - I've a feeling it might have been Brunel?

Right you are, Cuffles!

BBC Poll 100 Greatest Britons:

(1) Sir Winston Churchill
(2) Isambard Kingdom Brunel
(3) Diana, Princess of Wales
(4) Charles Darwin
(5) William Shakespeare
(6) Sir Isaac Newton

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