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Monday, 31 July 2017


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Truth spoken in the House of PC! No! I'll bet the fainting couches are full and a line is waiting.

I believe it is true that Jewish people of northern European descent do measure far ahead of other measured groups in the intelligence arena. Maybe it has to do with that group keeping their DNA within as opposed to cross pollinating with every Tom, Dick and Harry in the world. But then, I ain't no expert.

PC is a war against noticing.

Yes yes yes, never mind all that! Where are the jokes? We need jokes!!

Did you get to see "Dunkirk" David? I was going to give it a miss, to be honest, but it has stirred the ire and the wrath at someone at "Marie Claire" since it apparently celebrates Maleness too much, and not, say, the "disposability of men".

I could understand this attitude if it portrayed men being shot at but a la The A Team, manage to struggle on with no evidence of being injured or if there were men leaping from moments of impossible death by using pieces of wood in the water. From what I have seen of the trailer, it looks reminiscent of the wholesale slaughter as depicted in "Saving Private Ryan". How can people watch that and tsk over the fact that there were 'a lot of men' in it?

Anyway, I was looking forward to a potentially well informed discussion of the film.

Are we still on about the Gender Pay gap? I lost all interest when some bleating woman from BBC 4 decided to question why her pay was a fourth of her male counterpart and then proceeded to inform her audience that she worked a fourth of the time that he did. She didn't seem to get why that might have been a big clue. FFS, why take the job if it doesn't pay you a wage you can live on? I don't need to know what the men around me are earning, I am earning enough to keep a roof over my head. If I want to earn more, I will do what is necessary to do that. And when you work for minimum wage, the only discrimination you face is if you're a youngster. I can't stand this "You hold me back because Patriarchy" rubbish.

Duffers - the damn' jokes??!!!

It is noticeable that average IQ levels are dropping fast. The reason is obvious. Better healthcare. Mother nature has a mechanism to weed out the less able. Evolution. It works on the principle of the less able(the stupid and the like) by a process of elimination(not living too long so procreating less) gradually drop out of the gene pool. Medical and other advances has put a stop to that. So the gene pool of those with low IQ instead of diminishing is growing. A fact that a little research into current scientific thinking (not widely publishes as being not PC) accepts as being uncontroversially true.

@ Epikouros - in fact among the poor and stupid birth rates tend to be higher.

Welfare favours offspring in rich countries among the unemployable while a lot of rich career people find themselves childless; and in Africa as Macron pointed out they breed like rabbits, to the extent they are now colonising our continent, and god knows what the effects will be 100 years from now. I doubt it will be pretty.

Eugenics is a hideous science, but we are engaged unwittingly on the opposite.

Jews, on the whole, are more intelligent than non-Jews

According to SWMBO I am the exception that proves the rule


My SWMBO beat your SWMBO to it!

Shalom TBH

If Mr Myers had bothered to poll a cross section of Jewish SWMBO's he would have come up with a different conclusion about general intelligence in the Jewish community.

Henry and AussieD, clearly you boys need some serious help!

Shalom AD & WW,

Ah, but you see, AD, my SWMBO is not Jewish (other than by injection)! She is a Swedish/Irish Catholic by birth, though she hasn't been in church for years. So when she tells me Ashkenazi guys are not that smart, she is only half joking (perhaps only one quarter). And as of last month, I have to address her as "Doctor Trish".

So WW, what kind of help can you offer me? I sure could use some ...

G'day Whitewall.

I think I am beyond assistance and now resigned to my fate - whatever that may be.

Well done on the Doctorate Mrs TBH.


Mrs. TBH says "Thank you, AussieD."

I must confess that I was only kidding around when I reported that she doesn't think Jewish guys are smart. After all, she is very smart and she married one. And I didn't have to beg her that much ...

Henry, Dr. Trish huh? I know you have mentioned in the past but what is her field of study? Will this mean you can remove yourselves from your current address and fetch up elsewhere? She sounds like a determined and smart woman...current husband not withstanding!

AusieD, now you hang in there! Sounds like you are well married to a lady who always knows what's best for you :)


Dr. Trish's field of expertise is cognitive science and linguistics. She currently teaches at U.C. Berkeley and will lecture in the upcoming fall and spring semesters at another University of California campus. But, yes, her main effort in the near future will be to find a more permanent academic position at some other American university, which most likely will get us out of Left-infested California.

I, of course, will gladly tag along wherever her career takes her. I travel light. With my computer, my Kindle, and my android smartphone (NOT an obamaphone!) I do what I do anywhere in the good ol' U.S.A.

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