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Friday, 07 July 2017


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I wish it were so, David, but this is a somewhat over-excitable claim by John O'Sullivan and Mann's lawyer completely disputes it. It is discussed at Bishop Hill and Paul Homewood's sites. Best keep the champagne on ice for the present.

deep breath
gasping for breath

Thanks, Mike, you might well be right.

I know that when I am seeking informed opinion on basics physics I always find it pays to solicit such from a retired geography professor. But only if a proctologist or a blogger is not available. For the record Dr Ball does not believe that carbon dioxide is a greenhouse gas. Even though this effect can be duplicated in a laboratory and no one has ever been able to get carbon dioxide not to behave as a greenhouse gas. Try to remember, if you can, that the scientific debate is about the origin of these gases, human or not, and not about whether they have the effect that everyone on the planet who is scientifically literate knows they do.

Have you considered offering a disquisition on the flatness of the Earth.

I do believe that I also detect a kerning error. I believe your link was s suppose to be to New Scats. Seriously David is this the sort of place you rely on for insightful legal opinion? Was Alex Jones not available to offer a legal opinion?

So do tell us, Peter, why is it, exactly and precisely, that Michael Mann resolutely refuses to show his background calculations that produced his, er, 'hockey stick'?

Peterg the point at issue is the credibility or otherwise of the absurd hockey stick, and the weight of legal and scientific opinion is now firmy on "otherwise".

Enough damage has now been done to western economies. Time to get back to coal.

"Enough damage has now been done to western economies". True. Somebody tell that idiot Mutti Merkel!

Whiters - I think Trump did!

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