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Sunday, 16 July 2017


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"Gosh, how do I cope with this manic social life of mine?" I suspect through decades of practice?

I claim Big Fed for America! Tennis-player for the ages, as well as a gentleman and a scholar (just speculating about his scholarship). Roger that.

If only, Whiters!

Henry, OK, we'll share him and you're dead right, he is a gentleman of the first order and an athlete of an even higher order.

Thanx, David. I appreciate your sentiment, though I'd rather be right than dead :)

'Oh, very witty, Wilde', er, sorry, I mean Henry!

Take heart, David, Marxism is dead despite what you might have read on your blog. The only countries remaining that consider themselves Marxist–Leninist are China, Cuba, and Vietnam, and they don't actually live up to the claim. Socialism is a different matter, but there's a wide variety of socialist states, to the point the term has no single, practical meaning.

Who exactly is it that's bonkers with rage 'over here'?

To each his own. I suppose Grand Prix is slightly more intellectually stimulating than NASCAR. Although the Grand Prix drivers also drive in circles they also turn both left AND right. This must add more interest. As to Wimbledon I have never been much for historical re-enactors or their hobbies and I have never seen much point in doing that with Atari pong but like I said, to each his own.

The most enraged among us over here seem to be college age "social justice warriors". They have even taken to turning on each other out of suspicion that there might be one among them not ideologically pure enough. That should sound familiar to anyone who remembers much of 20th century history.

Here ya go David ... Bob.


Which thread is your link in reference to? Or is it part of a private conversation, which others are not privy to?

[Big Winston said it was OK to end a sentence with a preposition.]

No, Henry, prepositions are not good words to end sentences with.

Is this not Henry, the Sunday Rumble?


When criticized for occasionally ending a sentence on a preposition, Winston Churchill replied, "This is the type of errant pedantry up with which I will not put."

Ah so. Thanx for clarifying that for me, JK. I thought "The Sunday Rumble" was restricted to David's rants and ravings only. I haven't been a member of D&N long enough to know that everyone here can ramble on at will.

Oops -- "arrant pedantry" not "errant pedantry"

Thanks, JK. It's good to know the Antarctic ice sheet has been around 34 million years. Since I'll probably live about 0.00000265% of that it seems like kind of a long time, though.

You're right, Whitewall. Young people are "angry". Old people are "crotchety".

Whitehall - it was ever thus. We can but hope that they will eat each other and the world will return to normal

What makes me laugh is that the Doctor is the perfect 'cuck'. He is what every SJW wants, a man who will not rape, who will listen to a woman, who will be polite, take into account people's feelings, won't be violent or destructive (except under certain circumstances which he can be forgiven for or he will pay the ultimate price by 'dying'), but at the same time will be authoritive, the ultimate defender, a complete White Knight and has been a role model for young men to follow for years. As we know, all men need to be taught not to rape, to look after women, to listen to them etc. But not satisfied with how long this is taking, they have dismissed the idea that men can be taught anything, and have established that in fact, the perfect role model for people is a woman.

Peter Capaldi is a nice note to end on. He had some awful writing to work with, and as an example of what a good actor can do with a terrible script, you should check out his rendition of the "Just be kind" speech to Missy and The Master. Not as good as "Hell Bent" but it did show what could have been done with the show.

RIP Dr Who.

Mayfly, "We can but hope that they will eat each other and the world will return to normal", this time around unfortunately these young SJW types have professors and administrators backing them with approval from college higher ups. This is a building of cultural Maoists. Turn on each other they will, as their kind always do.

Henry, I positively encourage a conversational mode here, just think of it as the electronic equivalent of the saloon bar in my local, 'The Tippling Philosopher' over the road!

Miss Mayfly, at the risk of sounding like an out-of-date old codger, what is an "SJW"?

Mayfly, tell David he is an "out of date old codger"...he'll love it!

David, you're an out of date Codger..... :-)

SJW is a Social Justice Warrior. The difference between an SJW and an activist is that an activist will try to get a ramp installed into a building to make access easier. A social Justice Warrior campaigns to get the stairs removed in case they offend the disabled.

As so often, my commenters educate me - thank you, Miss Mayfly.

But in the meantime, Whitewall, they are doing a great deal of damage. And Antifa managed to cause a huge amount of damage quite recently - to the property of those people they would be the first to say that they were fighting for. Ideologically driven madness.

Jordan Petersen advocates for the removal - or at least a huge overhaul - of the education system, but we're still suffering through one generation of "WATCH DOCTOR WHO OR YOU ARE A MISOGINIST!!!" *sigh* Still, I guess the program is for the young, and so I will quietly bow out.

Oh, get an edit button, David!!!!

Professor Jordan Petersen of Canada? If so, he is a very interesting fellow! I read some of his material via an e-pal at the U of Chicago.

Yup, I've been listening to a number of his lectures, I feel his philosophy on life about accountability, taking responsibility and imposing order upon chaos is very worthwhile. He is genuinely helping people. I love the You Tube video :

But on a serious note, he speaks about the SJW culture and the damage it is doing, particularly in reference to that the young men of today are growing up without hope, since all attention is on 'teh wimminz'. There's too much to discuss now, but he points out that women joining the work force had a lot of unforeseen consequences that we will feel for years to come. And he places a great deal of blame on universities and the professors therein for the SJW culture. He wants to see all humanities studies removed, he feels they are useless and detrimental to society. Many of his lectures are on YouTube and he does lots of Q&A sessions, if you want to while away some time....

Mayfly, well my stars! You are quite surprising! Like you said, too much to discuss now, but the SJW culture is producing a deadly cultural stew. Disaffected young males can become quite dangerous if not properly socialized to obey norms and respect women. They can wreak havoc as masculinity will at some point assert itself.

Meantime, this youtube begins to help me with what the devil is PePe the frog all about?!


"Meming a frog, well off to the gulag, listen to Shadilay, my, what will the judge say? Our dynasty can't understand irony...."
Chris Ray Gun, "Punch a Nazi".

I missed out a lot on the PePe the frog thing, but thanks for the link, I can watch that tonight. I've been watching the whole SJW mess from the days of Elevatorgate, as I was becoming one myself and then started to question my own beliefs. I found the Slymepit and have never looked back. I went there to argue my heartfelt beliefs and had to question them when presented with cold logic and facts. Eye opening experience. Gary Orsum and Bearing are two excellent YouTubers as well. Suits Yourself is quiet good but he's very long winded.

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