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Sunday, 23 July 2017


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I don't buy that Bill was homosexual. It is reliably reported by the Anti-discrimination Commissars [also known as the Great British Thought Police] that he was actually a black pygmy muslim with a tendency to socialism.

Unless Mr Doran has proof positive that Will was inclined to a taste for his own sex he should stick to directing Will's plays.

I never cease to marvel at the idiocy of people pushing their own private agendas by pontificating on the sexual mores of people they have never met and are long dead.

Shropshire again! Home to one of my favorite writers, the late Ellis Peters.

In the on going cultural rot that is Western Culture, it must be that Will was a homosexual, a transsexual or a bisexual or whatever the word smiths can come up with to demean, degrade and eventually dismiss the everlasting quality of his works. It must be part of the ongoing self erasure that has seized the West.

Ellis Peters, the authoress of the 'Brother Cadfael' mysteries - who knew? Well, not me, Whiters, so thanks for the education!

Oh yes, Brother Cadfael...some of my favorites! I have the series of 13 in the old VHS version and the newer DVD form as well.

Shakespeare might not have been gay, but he was certainly black and Jewish. Just like Sammy Davis Jr. Why else would he have written about Othello and Shylock?

This sort of thing is spreading. I was looking online for a review of a Lovejoy book to see if I had read it before. Reviewers were outraged that the main character had hit a woman! This apparently proved that the author is a nasty misogynist etc etc. They did acknowledge that it was fiction but maintained that only a monster would allow their character to do such a thing. The fact that six (if I remember correctly) men later met an awful death being, of course, totally irrelevant.

He'll plead the 5th...surprise! This 'man' is such a boy.

Speaking of films, what the hell is it with some of the score keeping movie reviewers over the movie "Dunkirk"? I true story from a desperate time of survival.

If you think the refusal to testify amounts to any kind of good news for Trump think again:

Sorry, Bob, I gave up halfway through all that waffle! Suffice to say that in this imbroglio there is more than enough 'brown stuff' to go round!

Even Dawkins can't speak truth if truth is not allowed at Gulags like Berkeley! They always turn on their own on the SJW side. Like crabs in a bucket. If one starts to reach the top, another crab will pull him down.

Is Jezza a nickname for Prime Minister May? I think only ask because I'm pretty sure she is in charge of what legislation is to be brought before parliament and what policies are to be pursued. And I understand that there must be priorities. First they have to provide the NHS with hundreds of millions in additional funding daily because, you know, Brexit referendum promises.


It is a mess, isn't it? There is now a total of over 50 lawyers employed by various officials of the Trump team. One of Trump's lawyers has hired a lawyer. They won't all wiggle out of the net.


It is a messy pile of shiite, but you have to consider whose assholes are producing it and gleefully inhaling the aroma. It's the shit-eating Leftists.

So the facts are that Dawkins was sheduled to be interviewed by a campus radio station which changed its mined. Which puts them squarely in the same camp as, wait for it......, every single right wing radio station in the United States. Imagine those deranged lefties behaving exactly like right wing nuts. It's outrageous!

Peter G= "Is Jezza a nickname for Prime Minister May?"

Below is the paragraph your question is referencing. To obtain your answer, particular attention should be given to the bold parts.

Put your trust in 'Jezza': Look, anyone can make a mistake, even a paltry £100 billion mistake, as 'Jezza' did when he promised to cancel all student debt. You see, he didn't actually know how much student debt there was when, entirely by coincidence during an election campaign, he promised that to all those little 'kiddiewinkies' who then rushed to vote for him - some of them several times over, apparently. Anyway, the promise is off until such time as he can find it down the back of his settee!

Let me guess. The Brexiters who were running buses through London telling everyone how much more funding the NHS would have post Brexit didn't know they were lying their asses off?

"Credulity, or confidence of opinion too great from the evidence from which the opinion is derived......."

Now, I wonder if you had anybody in mind with those words, David....

As far as I know, Brexit hasn't happened yet, nor have the financial details been settled. As we are a net contributer at present to the tune of £12 billion a year, there might well be lots of money for the NHS.

"As we are a net contributer at present to the tune of £12 billion a year, there might well be lots of money for the NHS."

Yeah, right.

The deficit is already spiralling out of control on account of the announcement of Brexit and the consequent devaluation of the pound, and we haven't even left yet.

And why on earth would anyone want another penny, let alone £12bn, more spent on the most abusive organisation in the history of democratic state public sectors?


I wouldn't spend £12 billion more on the NHS. Or even £1.2 billion. I was merely trying to calm the foam flecked commenter from Nth America.

The only country I can ever remember that has defied economics by managing to increase its trade deficit after a devaluation.

Broken Britain. Understatement of the century.


I do wish you would stop providing Guardian links, SoD, no-one except Peter and Bob read them. Sterling goes up and down like a whore's drawers, it always has and it always will. For God's sake, cheer up!

And whilst you're at it, SoD, try reading some balance good sense:

It isn't possible to underestimate the depths to which the Brit nationalists will go to save the Brexit project.

The Graun quite rightly asserts that Will and Kate and their cutesy kids were sent in a last ditch attempt to curry favour, arse-lick, and everything in between, those nasty nationalists dismantling democracy in Poland. The last bastion of vile nationalism after the defeat and rout of whatever his name was in Holland and le Pen was never too low for the Brexiteers, and the family silver good enough for a fire sale: -

We'll it appears the good people of Poland have put the frighteners on their Prez, and he in turn has vetoed two of the three bills to dissolve the separation of powers: -

So there's another class act by the Brexiteers: Another catastrophic diplomatic failure, the royals degraded, and the country humiliated.

You won't get very far if you limit your reading to those tory-porn mags.



"Sterling goes up and down like a whore's drawers, ..."
In Britain, I thought it was "knickers" not "drawers"?

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