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Sunday, 09 July 2017


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Beyond belief!

Unfortunately not Duffers. Anything these barbarians do is believable.

To quote Golda Meir, "Peace will come when the Arabs will love their children more than they hate us.

Beyond belief? Clearly the answer is to invite more Muslims into the West. Then all will be easily believed. The people who refused to believe will become strangely silent.

The only function of economic forecasting is to make astrology look respectable.
John Kenneth Galbraith
US (Canadian-born) administrator & economist (1908 - 2006)

Once again, beware the ignoring of nuance.

Microeconomics can be "effective".

Macroeconomics is hard.

Broad-brush "analysis" of complex issues produces "bumper sticker" nonsense.

Maybe the Conservatives should stick with PM May, furl the sails and put the oars in the water. All ahead to a slow beat.

Gotta ask. Who does the Comintern report to? Surely not Putin's kleptocracy which now supports right wing parties or China's thoroughly capitalistic political oligarchy. Neither seems much interested in people power or social services do they? Don't you need to have a communist power to pull the strings of a communist international? Cuba maybe? You may be dating yourself. Had you considered calling them something more modern like rapscallions or perhaps poltroons?

Wasn't that a fascinating piece WF? Of course to understand the subject and the limitations inherent in either mathematical modeling or statistical analysis you would have to understand quite a lot of abstruse mathematics. There is something deliciously ironic about an economist declaring his field unscientific especially given the author's self declared heterodox views. To give him credit he does seem to recognize that those "left leaning" economists had much the better analysis of what happened in 2008. Self regulating free markets my ass. Self interest was supposed to restrain stupidity but it did not. Every single player in the housing market acted in their own self esteem interest to their mutual destruction.

He doesn't believe that economic stimulus or government regulation had an effect on the recovery. Which makes him more than a little heterodox. It puts him figuratively on an island somewhere in the South Pacific with Amelia Earhart.

You probably saw this in yesterday's Telegraph (the only day I buy it), in the magazine, Ruby Wax bumped into her ex-husband. "He says he has been working for a women's television network in America, making terrible shows like Manicurist by Day, Trucker by Night. I ask how long he has worked for the network. "Ninety-seven menstrual cycles," he says."

Postmortem analysis has practically zero predictive value in macroeconomics.

@Mr G. As Gilbraith died in 2006, I am sure he was not commenting on the crash of 08.

Mrs May should stay. For now. Pick a leader in haste, repent at leisure.
That's how it worked out picking Mrs. May.

By all means Ms. May should stay until she finishes the Trumpian task of destroying her party. Unfortunately, YouGov doesn't allow hot linking charts. Scroll down and udači (good luck), comrades!

If she really applies herself, perhaps she'll even be able to mimic Trump as international pariah:

Tennis is the only sport and I am actually up all night watching Wimbledon this week. Love it!

That's an interesting article about Housman. There's a recording of Robert Donat reading On Wenlock Edge which is almost unbearably moving. Housman was a distinguished classical scholar as the article says and he wrote a parody of Greek tragedy called Head of a Traveller, which literally translates the sort of verse forms and expressions found in Greek tragedy. It's very funny and it gave Nicholas Blake (C Day Lewis) the title of a detective story.

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