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Monday, 17 July 2017


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I'll add it to the list.

"I couldn't even put together a toy train-set for 'SoD' when he was a nipper!" Aha! So that's what happened!

It seems that when many pols run up against problems of their own making, the notion of high speed rail bubbles up as a "cure" for their ills. Never mind the where or which crony contractor or even if there is money to pay for it. Some countries have HS rail service and do fine with it. Other countries have low speed rail and can't ween it off the government teat. Too often, HS rail only means it can lose money at a higher speed.

Perhaps Brexit will fix this. HS2 is a product of the EU programme TENS. We can just terminate the line at Birmingham and save a shed load of money.

David, don't stop at trains, the conservative idea that renewable energy doesn't work has also been somewhat disadvantageous:

"The total lifetime cost of the planned Hinkley Point C nuclear power plant could be as high as £37bn, according to an assessment published by the UK government. The figure was described as shocking by critics of the scheme, who said it showed just how volatile and uncertain the project had become, given that the same energy department’s estimate 12 months earlier had been £14bn."

And it could get worse:

"Failure to put in place alternative arrangements to replace the existing European nuclear treaty, Euratom, which the UK is quitting as part of the article 50 process, would have a “dramatic impact” on Hinkley Point C and other new power stations around the country, the industry said."

Since the papers are nearly unanimous in the opinion that the British Brexit negotiators are, as the American cliche goes, bringing knives to a gunfight, be afraid about your tax bill. Be very, very afraid.

Two quotes from the Guardian - desperation indeed!

backofanenvelope, you can find the story in other papers including The Telegraph, which David sometimes quotes:

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